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Kosice April 2020.png View on the central part

Town Information
Full Name Kosice
National Anthem
Name in Towny Kosice
Established 11th of March 2019
Nation Coat of Arms of Polish Kingdom.png Polish Kingdom
Population 33
Chunks 138
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor 3meraldK.png 3meraldK
Councillors XFlyingEagle.png _xFlyingEagle
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
  • Englishflag.jpg English
  • Polish flag.png Polish
Official Religion Catholic.png Catholic
Historical Information
Past Nations Polish Revolutionary State.png Polish State
Past Mayors
Past Councillors SSziom.png SSziom

Thisek Double Tower

Kosice is a major city located in Eastern Slovakia, bordering with Austria. The first town of Kosice was founded by TypowyPLBatman on 7th of December of 2018 but disbanded two months later. 3meraldK reestablished this city on the 11th of March 2019. Now, a city of Kosice is the most populous town in Poland having 33 residents and claiming 130 chunks.


Founding Kosice

TypowyPLBatman founded Koszyce in beginning of December 2018. Before its fall, it had a road and some houses next to it.

The First Great Server War

Great Moravian Empire had also a claims to the Slovakian part, and Kosice city wasn't in GME so their government demanded Kosice's comeback to GME. The Polish government and mayor have declined. In this situation, GME declared war on Poland. Small Moravian force went to Kosice when GME declared war on Poland. Eventually, a fight broke out, and 2 lines stood against each other. The Moravians lost 2 untrained and badly equipped soldiers while trying to get in line north of Kosice, while the Polish forces made a line to defend Košice inside it's claims. Few rushes were made, but no significant damage was done to either side. Finally, Moravian forces withdrew, making the Polish defense of Kosice successful.

Massacre of Kosice and its fall

Kosice was disbanded by then-mayor, TypowyPLBatman and massacre was made. Small polish division burnt houses, they also destroyed road and killed all animals in a barn.

Founding new Kosice

Two months later, on 5th March 2019, 3meraldK entered the game for the first time. He wanted to found a city on Krakow's ruins and he founded a town called Metropol, but after the dissatisfaction of many Polish citizens, he changed his opinion and founded Kosice.

Golden Era

At the beginning of April 2019, Koszyce developed a lot. Two high skyscrapers, shops and hotels were built. At the end of March, they built also a jail and farm.

Thisek Double Tower

Thisek Double Tower was built in the summer of 2019 and it's the highest skyscraper in Poland. It's tall for ~150 blocks and has two enormous towers merged in one skyscraper.

Industrial Era

Thisek, the famous player in Kosice, suggested to build an enormous space for industry things and to grow town's economy. He spent 250 gold and started to build underground farms etc.

Populous Era

It all started in the beginning of April 2020, or in late march 2020. It was caused mainly by the fact Polish population were dropping a lot, then Kosice's mayor has started to invite as many citizens as he could, and gained 28 citizens in the last month.

Buildings and Architectural Wonders

  • Thisek Double Tower
  • "S.R.A.C" Laboratory
  • Mill and medieval house
  • Ancient castle in Eger
  • Anime Tower
  • SSziom Tower
  • Ancient ruins of Kosice


Partner cities

  • Elbląg
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