Koszyce - city founded first by TypowyPLBatman in beginning of December 2018, and later by 3meraldK in beginning of March 2019. Now, belongs to Pomerania, but before belonged to Polish Republic.

Koszyce is right now capital of the Carpathian Region and biggest city in this region, with twelve citizens.


Founding Koszyce

TypowyPLBatman founded Koszyce in beginning of March 2018.

Battle of Koszyce

When GME declared war on Poland Republic, small Moravian force went to Koszyce to peacekeep and try to convince them otherwise. Eventually, a fight broke out, and 2 lines stood against each other. The Moravians lost 2 untrained and badly equipped soldiers while trying to get in line north of Kosice, while the Polish forces made a line to defend Košice inside it's claims. Few charges were made, but no significant damage was done to either side. Eventually Moravians forces withdrew, making the Polish defence of Košice successful. The Moravians lost 2 people, while Poland only lost 1.

Fall of Koszyce

Koszyce falled in beginning of January 2019 because of inactivity of TypowyPLBatman.

Founding new Koszyce

In beginning of March 2019 3meraldK wanted to found Metropol, but founded Koszyce near the ruins of city Koszyce. In short time this city developed and have right now twelve citizens.

Golden Era

At the beginning of April 2019 Koszyce developed a lot i.a. built 2 high skyscrapers, shop, and hotel. In end of the March they built also developed jail and farm.


- Battle of Kosice

Partner cities

- Elblag

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