Kra Canal is a canal and port city in Southern Siam. The town has expanded around the canal, which serves as a connection between the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam. It is the headquarters of the Royal Siamese Navy.


The Kra Canal was originally founded by Jump_Fox on the 18th of November. The town was supported by Siam and was built up by Siamese workers. The Canal began construction in November by Fluxify I and a few other individuals and was finally finished on the 17th of November.

Once Siam was formed, the Kra Canal joined the nation on December 2nd, becoming the second town in Siam.

The canal has been used as a trade alternative instead of going around Strait of Malacca.


The town quickly grew inactive and eventually collapsed until it was remade by Raj Prasong Rama II. It then collapsed again and was re-established by Livvy2010.

New Design Scheme

Fluxify I wanted the canal to be a connecting point for trade in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, thus the canal was expanded and redesigned and plans for a full functioning town around the canal were also planned after the canal was claimed.

Headquarters for the Royal Siamese Navy

In June 2020, Siam announced that Kra Canal would be the headquarters for the Royal Siamese Navy and that more ships would be built around the city.


  • The Canal
  • Spawn Building
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