Krasnojarsk(in english: Krasnoyarsk),is a Siberian city led by YTmanCzech , located in the Yenisei Valley, in Siberian Russia.


The original name of the city was Tunguska, the city was run by Ysatace and had quite large plots of land, a Tower of Proletarians was built, foundations of the mayor's house and a small house next to the furnaces. On

Symbol of Krasnoyarsk

Tuesday, March 26, the city was bought by YTmanCzech from Ysatace,he renamed to Krasnoyarsk, and the mayor's house was built, the tower was open to all and nationalized houses, furnaces improved, and Yarskism (Jarskism) declared.

Wednesday, March 27, the metro to Katyryk was upgraded, the mine was improved, and a tree farm was set up and several trees were cut down with the leaves (the original ones).

Thursday, March 28, was built Panel House no.1, but it was on Friday, March 29, demolished, was built a small house on the north side of the city, and mainly built the first defensive tower of the city, YTmanCzech feels war is near.

Friday, March 29, walls were built, prisons (the beginning of the rebirth of gulags), the nearby surroundings cleared of trees, the land of a former prefab house for sale.

Saturday, March 30th, the day of major server upgrades, was marked by the first redwood, we bought Ender Chest, we adjusted the spawn, bought the pet saddle Olga, the horse. The city has grown, a great exploration of the abundance of the local areas has been done, a great mineral wealth has been signed on the urban cash. Planned to do more digging and develop the city's influence around the area, by buying land and chopping trees.

Sunday, March 31st,

Yarkism (Jarkism)

  • Yarskism is a political vision, theory, mutual support among players, destruction of competition to destroy the community and based on:
    - Social support of the population (food, saplings, seeds, home, protection), get 10 free breads and 10 baked potatoes daily
  • Make Gulags for real criminals
  • Make a great powerful city and bring Siberia to the top of civilization
  • Build large projects
  • Make the metro from Krasnoyarsk to all Siberia
  • Make a reliable defense for the people
  • Build a reliable community
  • Establish fair prices for Siberian citizens
  • The possibility of doing business
  • More corporate with the Siberian citizen
  • Eliminate people who want to threaten or kill us

Today it has a subway to the capital, a few citizens, small buildings but Social Security in the area of food meets and it has large supplies of materials too and contact him and to fullfill his dreams of being a great mayor of Krasnoyarsk

"I work hard on the city defense project and its construction and settlement, the Siberian nation is a very good nation and deserves more power!" - YTmanCzech

YTmanCzech 29.03.2019 Mayor of Krasnoyarsk

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