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Krolwiec view from Elbląg The old town's walls as seen from Elblag

Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny Krolewiec
Established April 2nd, 2019
Nation Terra mariana cross Terra Mariana
Population 1
Chunks 156
Coordinates Wiki-wordmark 3536, -10270
Continent Europe
Government Information
Mayor Jezyk gogovp jezyk_gogovp
Political System
Economic System
Official Language
  • Englishflag English
  • Polish flag Polish
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Poland
Past Mayors Okti748 Okti748, Hacek_
Past Councillors

Krolewiec is a town located south-west of the Curonian Lagoon, in the nation of Terra Mariana. It's made up of 156 chunks and it counts 1 citizens. It got created on the land previously occupied by the disbanded town Konigsberg.


Polish Era (2.04.2019-8.09.2019)

Krolewiec was founded on ruins of Konigsberg on 2.04.19 by revolutionary Poland chancellor, Hacek_ to finally defeat Prussia after almost one year of war.. Mayor Okti748 started from claim old town. The highest population of Krolewiec was seven people. The biggest project of mayor Okti748 was Krolewiec Tower. Tower is unfinished till now. The development was inhibited when mayor began to be inactive. From 26.07.2019 jezyk_gogovp is a new mayor of Krolewiec. After this new mayor started claim and modernize Old Town. On 8.09.2019 Krolewiec left Poland

Terra Mariana Era (10.09.2019-present)

After two days after proposition from Alan_Lime mayor of Siauliai Krolewiec joined Terra Mariana.

"It was the best decision I could make at that time"


After this Krolewiec started very fast development. Krolewiec was very fast connected to CTM line 10. In Krolewiec we build many buildings. From city wall to 1 year of Krolewiec monument. Krolewiec have good cooperation with mayors of Terra Mariana cities. On 2.04.2020 Krolewiec celebrated its first year of existence. To celebrate this event mayor jezyk_gogovp build 1 year of Krolewiec monument. Monument is situated on Old Town near East Gate.


Krolewiec Tower

Krolewiec Tower is a project started by Okti748 on Mai 2019. Tower is the highest building in Krolewiec. It was the biggest Okti748 project.


St. John Paul II Church was build by jezyk_gogovp on 17.03.2020.

Farm & Barn

Farm & Barn were build on 15-16.03.2020 by jezyk_gogovp along South City Wall. There are three types of food on the farm: potatoes, carrots and wheat.

Old Town

Old Town wall and Town Hall were build by citizens of Konigsberg. Project of Old Town was modernized by jezyk_gogovp and L33X1. Now on Old Town will be placed new Town Hall.

Krolewiec Metro System

Metro was projected by jezyk_gogovp. Realization started on 3.04.2020. First project contain 9 stations from Market to South Estate.

Town Hall

Town Hall was build by jezyk_gogovp on 8.05.2020. The town hall is the seat of the mayor. The building also has awards for people who helped in the development of the town.

Notable People


1 year of Krolewiec

1 year of Krolewiec


Old Town Market

Nort Gate

North Gate









Krolewiec Metro

First two station of Krolewiec Metro System

2020-05-07 10.59

Town Hall

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