KungfuKangaroo (also known as Kungfu, Kangaroo, Kung) is an EarthMC player and the Mayor of the town of Leeward Islands.

Relation with the community

KungfuKangaroo has been the mayor of the town of Leeward Islands from 23rd August, 2019. He can be seen frequently in chat making jokes and memes, although most of them fail to entertain anyone. 


KungfuKangaroo joined EMC in June 2019, after seeing a YouTube video of Toycat that had randomly appeared in his YouTube reccomendation feed.

On June 7th, KungfuKangaroo joined the town of Elizabeth Bay (renamed Leeward Islands), the town he would eventually become the mayor of. He constructed the town's first working villager breeder, as well as linking the Underground Ice Tunnel from Elizabeth Bay to Trinidad-Tobago, the nation's capital. 

Currently, KungfuKangaroo owns a shop in Trinidad-Tobago, the capital of New Spain. It is situated on the Hill, north of the nation spawn. It is the oldest attested shop in the nation of New Spain

KungfuKangaroo became the mayor of the town of Leeward Islands on 23rd of August 2019, after the previous mayor, MrPidf, quit EMC due to limited free time. 

In early to mid September 2019, KungfuKangaroo claimed that he has managed to acquire an Elytra, an item in EMC that is impossible to acquire by normal means. This hoax had many players rushing to KungfuKangaroo, asking him to sell the elytra for hundreds of gold. KungfuKangaroo eventually admitted that he did not in fact have an elytra, which enraged the UnbatedAura, King of Deseret, who outlawed KungfuKangaroo in the capital of Deseret, Argent


KungfuKangaroo was born in China and currently lives in Australia. Because of it he speaks both Chinese and English fluently, and can sometimes be seen in the Chinese chat. He also understands and can sort of talk in Japanese, as he is a weeaboo. 

KungfuKangaroo has died of fall traps more than any other methods of death. As of 29th September 2019, the tally is:

Together these deaths has resulted in the lost of 8 god pickaxes, 4 god swords, 4 set of god armors, 1 fishing rod, 1 god axe, 1 god shovel and many other items.

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