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Kush was a nation on Eastern Asia and the Holyland of Pissism. According to the religion, Kush is the birthplace of the Ball God, the deity of Pissism.

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The founding of Kush

Kush is the Holyland of Pissism and the birthplace of the Ballgod it has been ruled by heretics for a long time but has been finally reclaimed by the Pissists!

The deletion and reclamation of Kush

The great nation of Kush has been deleted in a rollback on the 20th of March 2020, this was met with backlash from the Pissist community.

After over a month waiting the Ballgod decided to take matters into his own hands and restore Kush himself so therefore he sent Poop megablocklyng I. on a mission to reclaim Kush. The Poop followed the commands the Ball God gave him and Kush was successfully reclaimed on the 27th of April 2020!