Kyle was our mentally handicapped friend, or so we thought. One day he had revealed his true form, Kyle is the one and only true god. Due to his kindness he had forgiven us for the years of bullying and calling him a retard. Kyle is the one and true god, you may not realise this yet but that is okey, Kyle forgives you for your sins.

The 3 Deadly Sins

Kyle in the sky
  • Subscribing to ToyCat
  • Being French
  • Proclaiming Belgium is real.

Some other Sins

  • Being Lactose Intolerant
  • Greefing
  • Adultery
  • Not praying to Kyle for a month
  • Playing Fortnite
  • Murder
  • Kissing your mum on the lips where your dad puts his pee pee
  • Filming and posting videos of EarthMC

More Detail

As of date no nation has accepted Kyle as their national faith but the faith is strong with in the people of great nations.

This is a monotheistic religion, much like all other abrahamic religions it was a detailed story. However the other religions are false.

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Kyle sees everything.

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