The La Plata Realm is a nation located in South America.

As of February 4 2019, it has a population of 58 citizens living in 17 towns.

99% of the population are native argentinians and uruguayans. The main languages are Spanish and English.

Description Edit

La Plata borders other nations, such as Brazil and Imperial Brazil, to the northeast, and in the future, the Viceroyalty of the South, to the northwest. The largest cities in the nation are from the largest to the smallest: Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Córdoba, Rosario, Posadas and Bahía Blanca.

History Edit

The first steps Edit

Division Edit

On January 29, 2019, due to territorial conflicts, La Plata territory changes: It will only occupy middle and northern Argentina, Uruguay and a part of Bolivia.

The south part will be controlled by the nation Patagonia.

The Chilean area will be managed by the nation Chile.

Government Edit

La Plata is an independent nation that is governed politically by a parliamentary monarchy and economically capitalist. Its king is SoyGalletita I.

Nation is formed by a king, two chancellors, governors and citizens.

Ministries Edit

Currently, La Plata nation's got the following ministries, which are in-charge of selected tasks:

  • Infrastructure ministry: It's in charge of making roads, highways, railway routes and building upgrades for making towns infrastructure better and better.
  • Economy ministry: It's in charge of controlling the production of goods for nation's benefit and it's in charge of promoving the external and internal trade, adjusting product values and national economic model.
  • Security ministry: It's in charge of the national army and the practice of PvP and other ways to combat as this ministry also ensures population security and lands protection.
  • Public Relations ministry: It's in charge of proposing diplomatic conversations for evading any international problems, calming any hard situations by using debates and trading and promoving the alliance with the most of TerraNova nations for making teleporting and relations better in the whole world.

Military Edit

La Plata has a decent army made by their citizens.

The national army is controlled by the Security ministry.

Buildings Edit

Currently, the only wonder of La Plata is the Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

Notable People Edit

  • AlexGamerYTT (Wikia Editor)
  • Cristul12 (Chancellor)
  • Dam_Son
  • Duolinguist
  • JonTheBooty
  • Keizap78 (Wikia Editor)
  • Loogath
  • Mr_RockyRoll (Chancellor)
  • OpachTundrico
  • SoyGalletita (King)
  • TawsHunter23
  • Tito_zz
  • Remiaw
  • Rushi02
  • Mazedonien
  • JakovARG
  • Tony_Dark001

Public transport Edit


La Plata railway system's routes.

Currently, La Plata is building a railway system (called Ferrocarril Central Argentino) to move people from south to north and from west to east.

All routes will start at Retiro Station, located in Buenos Aires.

Routes written in italic are finished.

  • ROUTE A (southeast): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Mar del Plata with previous stop at Tandil and Claromecó.
  • ROUTE B (southwest): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Viedma with previous stops at La Pampa and Bahia Blanca.
  • ROUTE C (west): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Valparaíso with previous stops at Rosario, Villa María, San Luis, Mendoza, and Santiago.
  • ROUTE D (northwest): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Miramar with previous stops at Rosario, Villa Maria and Córdoba.
  • ROUTE E (northeast): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Posadas with previous stops at Rosario, Santa Fe, Reconquista and Resistencia.
  • ROUTE F (international route): Starts in Buenos Aires, ends in Curitiba with previous stops at Carmelo, Montevideo and Porto Alegre.

National Subdivisions (Provinces) Edit

Province Name Province Towns Province Governors Province Sizes (Plots) Capital Capital Foundation Capital Town size
Buenos Aires Province Bahia_Blanca






114 Buenos_Aires Nov 1 2018 72
Córdoba Province Cordoba




90 Cordoba Nov 2 2018 27
Uruguay Province Carmelo




67 Montevideo Nov 6 2018 20
Patagonia Province Bariloche








29 Com_Rivadavia Dec 27 2018 1
Misiones Province Posadas Loogath 41 Posadas Nov 19 2018 29
Litoral Province Resistencia TawsHunter23 27 Resistencia Dec 3 2018 17
Mendoza Province Mendoza Tuupac 1 Mendoza Dec 16 2018 1
La Pampa Province La_Pampa AlexGamerYTT 16 La_Pampa Dec 25 2018 9
Noroeste Province Jujuy Dam_Son 21 Jujuy Jan 6 2019 1
Bolivian Province SantaCruz_Sierra FranchuFranchu 1 SantaCruz_Sierra Jan 30 2019 1
La plata regions hd


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