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La Plata
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name United Provinces of La Plata
Alternatively, it can also be referred to by their member Towny nations.
National Anthem
Name in Towny Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, and Bolivia
Motto "En unión y libertad"
In Unity and Freedom
Population 188
Chunks 5107
/n list page
Capital City Buenos Aires
Largest City Buenos Aires
Oldest City Buenos Aires
Established January 28, 2019
Government Information
Leader King SoyGalletita I
Prime Minister
Political System Committee.svg Oligarchy (23 Parliament members)
Economic System Mzl.afnqvhfl.png Capitalism
Official Language Flagspain.png Spanish (Main)
Englishflag.jpg English (Secondary)
Official Religion Galletism
Army Size 10
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

La Plata is a decentralized mega-nation being a viceroyalty of Spain, located in South America. It's composed by seven nations: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, and Bolivia which make a total of 42 towns, 61 residents and +3500 chunks.

Its claimed area takes up 40% of the South America which makes it one of the biggest nations worldwide by territory. It also owns 37% of all claimed South American chunks (followed by Brazil at 33% and Cuba at 11%).



In April 15, 2017, The very first La Plata (then called Río de La Plata) in EarthMC history was founded (presumably by SoyGalletita) and its territory was owned by the Spanish Federation, a mega-nation who had one of their states established there.

Curiously, La Plata never reached total independence of Spain in Classic (although it wasn't one of their colonies).


The foundation

"As soon as the server is up, I'll work to claim Buenos Aires and right after I'm gonna start the first stage of the Rio de la Plata Transportation system." ― SoyGalletita

On November 15, 2018, the nation La Plata (now independent) was first established in Terranova by SoyGalletita with the capital being Buenos Aires.


War of Nuovo Palermo

On January 15, 2019, four users established a town in the Valdes Peninsula, located on the south of La Plata. This town, called Nuovo Palermo, was invited to the nation but they denied the request to join. This response wasn't to the liking of La Plata's authorities as it would mean losing all the southern territory. Following this, citizens of the intruder town were toxic at La Plata and this last fact was the trigger to start a fight for the land.

On January 22, the nation Argentina was founded by Nuovo Palermo's leader, ishallownyou. This meant the first (and only) battle to come next.

On January 23, La Plata executed a well-designed and ambitious plan to attack Nuovo Palermo. However, things didn't work as expected and for when Nuovo Palermo residents went online, La Plata (who brought 10 soldiers) already left the fort. This meant in La Plata fighting while being highly outnumbered (because all of their soldiers went offline for the combat time) and obviously, losing the battle.

After this, both nations came to peace after signing the peace treaty and the territory was succesfully negotiated. Nuovo Palermo would occupy Patagonia, and couldn't make towns further north than the Valdes Peninsula

On March 26th 2019, Argentina fell into ruin after months of inactivity and one month later, the nation currently known as Patagonia occupied its ruins and territory.

Division of La Plata

"In a few hours a new Nation will be created inside the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata' because yesterday, monday 28th, a new conflict happened with the new nation of "Chile", led by Marcelo Dorelli and his brother Carlos Dorelli. Due to internal agreements, the "La Gazeta" journalist AlexGamerYTT, also known as Nikocholas, along with the King of Chile, reached an agreement in which the nation of Chile would be sold by 512 gold and left under the administration of Keizap78 with CR12. Thanks to this agreement, many aspects of the administration of the nation (Chile) were changed, including its discord, which was handed over to a Chilean Leader with strong loyalty to King SoyGalletita" ― Keizap78

After the Battle of Nuovo Palermo, on January 29, 2019, La Plata's territory changed. There were IRL towns in Chile which were outside of the range of the nation. A nation called Chile was recently created, so La Plata's leadership purchased the nation. The La Platan towns in Chile were moved to the new nation

La Plata would now only occupy middle and northern Argentina, Uruguay and a part of Bolivia.
The southernmost part would be controlled by the nation Patagonia (ishallownyou) (now a deceased nation).
The Western area would be managed by the nation Chile.

Guashimingo Incident

Guashimingo was an Uruguayan user that made a town off the coast of Buenos Aires. The town was called Pirates, and the ruins are still there. Near the end of February, the town was invited to La Plata, and he accepted. However, Guashimingo soon started scamming people. At the beginning, the La Platan users defended him because they didn't know what happened. This made La Platan citizens fight with users scammed by Guashimingo, and other users that defended the scammed ones. Nbax, the leader of Ecuador at the time, was one of the users that attacked Guashimingo. This effectively caused a series of skirmishes between the nations. After some time, La Plata kicked Pirates out for scamming and stopped the war.

Name change to Argentina

On March 26th, 2019, La Plata changed its name to Argentina, after the name got free because Argentina fell beinto ruin. In this date, La Plata passed to be known not as the nation but the mega-nation formed between Argentina and Chile.

"Our enemy nation has fallen. La Plata has been renamed to ARGENTINA in its most glorious day" SoyGalletita (in Spanish)

Argentina's inactivity

The leader of Argentina, SoyGalletita, had been inactive for a very long time. This made it hard to be a town in the in-game nation of Argentina, because there are some Towny actions that only the king can do. During July, Some Argentinian towns such as Cordoba started switching over to Chile, because Chile had an active king.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe was a nation created without permission inside the territory of Argentina, also taking one of its towns: Rosario. After a while, it was bought by La Plata and renamed to "Nueva Argentina", which means "New Argentina". New Argentina was used to host the Argentinian towns that had moved to Chile.

However, Argentina's king then became active again and towns now started moving to the "real" Argentina. By Feb 2020, New Argentina was not useful anymore, so it was handed over to FranchuFranchu, its capital was moved to SantaCruz_Sierra and renamed to Guarani. Guarani would later be renamed to Paraguay, which is still a part of La Plata today.

"Operación Atahualpa"

Keizap78 was the king of Chile since its acquisition by La Plata. He was a trusted member of the community. However, he would later disband Chile and would turn against his own people. How did this happen?

On 2019-??-??, CR12 got a totem fair and square from one of the new giant gold crates. He put it up for sale for 500g. However, there was a bug back then where even though you couldn't open other people's chest shops, you could break the chest and get the items. This is what happened here. The chest was found empty on 2019-??-??, so someone must have broken and replaced it. CR12's shop was in an embassy plot owned by JonnyGrunge who was /res friends with most of the Chilean leadership, so only those people could have broken the chest.

SoyGalletita, an Argentinian moderator looked at the logs of the chest's coordinates. Lots of people had touched it, but the last one was a chilean user named 78Coryx, who was /res friend of JonnyGrunge She (78Coryx was a woman) was friends with 78Kei. She was married in-game to 78Kei. CR12 didn't really "approve" of the marriage.

JonnyGrunge immediately unfriended 78Coryx. 78Kei defended Coryx saying that they shouldn't ostracize a member of the nation for something like that. This caused a divide between 78Coryx and 78Kei with the rest of the nation, who distrusted them. The Chilean Parliament, which was meant to act as a counter-balance to the king, was rather weak at the time due to the absence of JonnyGrunge in Chile. JonnyGrunge was a respected member of the nation who was in Santa-Fe at the time (but had an embassy plot in Concepción). His absence made the parliament's voice weaker.

On January 10th, 2020, Chileans were fed up with the tension and the internal conflicts. CR12 and the rest forced 78Kei to abdicate from his position as king. He lost his offical role on Discord, and Coryx lost the role of emperess. But Kei didn't stop being the king of Chile in-game. He claimed that he didn't know how to transfer the towny king title and that's why he didn't give the crown to CR12. Everyone was upset at this, and the tensions weren't defused at all.

On January 16th, the tensions reached a climax. Kei and Coryx disbanded the nation of Chile and made their own nation of Peru-Viceroyalty. The towns who joined them were Concepción, Antofagasta, and Combine_Alliance in Peru. Following this, both nations would be aggressive towards each other and kill each other in the wilderness whenever they could

Re-Creation of Chile

After Operación Atahualpa, the Chilean nation had been disbanded. On January 17th CR12, 32Mix, DasXtin and JonnyGrunge (who were opposed to 78Kei) recreated the Chilean nation.

"They wanted to destabilize Chile and leave us dead forever but the nation rose up the same day it fell. They wanted to take some of you to their nation but no one did. They wanted to eliminate me [from the server] but they're under the mods' magnifying glass and yesterday they begged me to stop with all of this." CR12


Purchase of Peru

"For almost five months Chile and our union had an annoyance, an annoyance that today, was removed, with the help of NicoGNV, Ronald, Jonny, and me, who have bought the nation ex Peru-Viceroyalty, and I'm saying "ex" because it will be called "Peruvia". Thank you to everyone who has helped in our quest of defeating these pelagatos and the following purchase to the great G4mingWaffle" ― CR12


Reconquest of Malvinas

On June 30, 2020, Argentina attempted to recover the abandoned territory in the Falkland Islands (which was entirely owned by the nation during 2019) establishing a town called Malvinas (now Malvinas_Oeste) after rumors of a new nation being made there. This quick movement resulted in the second Malvinas War between Argentina and the foreign town BritishFalklands, owned by Joel02.

On July 8, after one battle, Argentina declared decisive victory due to the purchase of British Falklands for 200G. This meant the first success of the whole La Plata in wars, as previous conflicts of this size were all defeats.


Incorporation of Uruguay and alliance with Spain

Starting in January, 32Pengun, the King of Spain offered selling Uruguay (which was a viceroyalty of Spain) to La Plata. After months of deliberation, both parties agreed to the following deal in March 23: Uruguay would be given to one of the La Platan citizens (Nachitz), and La Plata would be allied with Spain by being a viceroyalty. La Plata would still keep its autonomy and would still be self-governing.

Conquest of Inca

On April 14th, Melun, the capital of Inca was about to fall. Lima joined the nation (which was open) just before it fell, so when Melun fell, the capital moved to Lima, which meant that the chofo70, the mayor of Lima, was the new king. chofo70 was a member of La Plata, so Inca was now controlled by it. The capital of Inca was moved to the new town of La Paz, and the nation was renamed to Bolivia.

Purchase of Colombia

In late March 2021, the nation of Colombia was up for sale. UnCry wanted to buy the nation for Spain with the promise of being a viceroy. The idea was met with skepticism but at the end UnCry bought the nation. However, Colombia was part of Spain but not of La Plata yet. Colombia was then accepted into Spain. Due to various reasons and internal conflicts, UnCry decided to sell the nation to SANTMAN (a La Platan citizen) for 1100g. This meant that Colombia was now controlled by La Plata, effectively making it part of the union.

Revival of Bolivia

In August 4th, about 1000g was gathered between JonnyGrunge and FranchuFranchu to make a claim arm from Paraguay to SantaCruz_Sierra, and unclaim the middle. This essentially merged both towns.

The town of La Paz had remained in a sort of "dormant" state with little activity until August the 5th, where after much planning, JonnyGrunge and FranchuFranchu both joined La Paz and started claiming and building an underground nation spawn and chests. 78AbogadoPeruano made plans for the town based on IRL landmarks. A difficulty that had to be faced while building the town was the extreme mountains that were present in La Paz, which made it impossible to make large builds and flat areas

Alliance with Brazil

In July of 2021, Brazil approached FranchuFranchu, the foreign minister of La Plata, to ask him about signing some kind of treaty between both nations. On the 25th Brazil started writing a draft for the treaty. The draft included clauses about defensive military aid, economic collaboration, and a preamble citing the motives behind the treaty. The initial negotiations also included ArtistGames as he was the president of Brazil.

An issue that had to be faced while writing the treaty was that La Plata was a colony of Spain, and Spain did not get along with Brazil. FranchuFranchu suggested that Brazil signed a non-aggression treaty with Spain to prevent them from declaring war on each other and ruining the alliance. On the 28th the Spanish government approved the idea of a non-aggression pact. When Rossome's presidency started, he also entered the negotiations. On August 4th, Spain's opinion of Brazil was drastically damaged after an undisclosed action by the Brazilian government. This caused the Spanish government to not want to sign a non aggression pact anymore. On the 18th 32Pengun suggested giving Spain an observer status in the alliance, and this was added to the draft. Observer states can't be at war with member states, so that prevented the previously mentioned problems. The treaty was now ready.

"The Parties to this Treaty reaffirm their faith and their desire to live in peace with all peoples and all governments.
They are determined to safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples, founded on the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.
They seek to promote stability and well-being in the South America continent.
They are resolved to unite their efforts for collective defense and for the preservation of peace and security.
" ― South American Alliance Treaty

On the 28th Franchu suggested writing an in-game book and having each signatory "sign" their name in the book. This was the approach that was chosen,. Spain also changed its mind and decided to accept a non aggression pact. After meeting with each signatory in-game and having them add in their signature in the book, Franchu signed the treaty on the 4th of September. This would seal its alliance with Brazil.


Since extensive wars are rare, La Plata no longer has a standing army. However, many of the notable citizens are usually willing to take part in any situations were PVP combat is required, such as skirmishes or patrolling


The original leader of La Plata was SoyGalletita. However, since he became inactive, there is no clear leader of the meganation. The nation is now mainly run by a "Parliament" and a "Congress".

  • The Congress is composed of all town mayors and all Parliament members.
  • The Parliament is composed of players that are considered trustable. Parliament members are decided by Parliament consensus. As of June 2021, there are 23 Parliament members:
    • SoyGalletita
    • 6 kings of in-game nations
    • 9 High Chancellors
    • 4 Low Chancellors
    • 3 Close allies

There is no clear constitution, legal system, or laws. Decisions are achieved by parliament consensus, where someone who has a new idea asks in parliament to see what other people have to think about it. This guarantees that the nation's values are kept, but this can also cause the parliament to act slowly in some situations.


La Plata is a viceroyalty under the Spanish Empire, however it enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy. Spanish civil law and the constitution does not apply in La Platan towns, and the government is separate from Spain's.

La Plata also has a defensive alliance with Brazil that is aimed at defending both countries against foreign aggression and protecting both nation's claims. Due to years of stability and tourism in Argentina, La Plata has an international reputation of being a good nation.

La Plata has a long-standing feud with Panama since late 2018, after alleged moderator abuse by SoyGalletita. This has resulted in raids on La Platan territory by runnerboy72000, mainly during 2019. As of June 2021, however, due to Panama's presence in Cuba not much is being done about it, because this would strain the Cuba-La Plata relations.


Flag Name Nation Governor Pop Size Founded Fall
Viedma Argentina Fedrer 2 276.0 2020-04-23
La_Paz Bolivia FranchuFranchu 3 147.0 2021-04-09
Magallanes Chile RonaldFuuu 13 273.0 2020-12-20
Argentina Bolivia 78Usami_Renko 95 903.0 2020-08-12
Norte_Grande Chile DasXtiN 1 269.0 2019-09-01
Piura Peru Zr4y 1 70.0 2021-05-18
Montevideo Uruguay SoyGalletita 1 122.0 2020-01-29
Salta Argentina Dam_Son 1 76.0 2019-01-07
Calama Chile Cazu_V 1 48.0 2019-10-10
Paysandu Argentina TzP_ExeCZ147 1 1.0
Buenos_Aires Argentina Nachitz 4 584.0 2018-11-01
Puerto_Montt Chile 32Mix 4 239.0 2019-03-16
Arequipa Peru Z1NCER 1 77.0
Temuco Chile TheInfiniteMemes 1 66.0
San_Fernando Argentina iBlockerade 1 18.0 2021-05-14
Rocha Uruguay atinalol 1 260.0 2020-07-14
Santiago Chile CondeDeSalvado 1 350.0 2018-12-11
Guayaquil Peru Nunxii 1 4.0
Juan_Fernandez Chile xMonitox 1 72.0 2019-10-31
Chiloe Chile LightTHC 1 180.0 2019-03-13
Entre_Rios Argentina owobarto 1 43.0 2020-02-09
Iquitos Peru Mariscal_Antauro 1 19.0
La_Serena Chile tgl_mapping 1 90.0 2020-07-15
Resistencia Argentina TawsHunter23 1 134.0 2018-12-03
Bogota Colombia SANTMAN 56 308.0 2019-01-30
Paraguay Paraguay eagerchip 12 261.0 2020-06-22
Lima Peru chofo70 1 313.0 2019-03-20
Cuzco Peru 78AbogadoPeruano 4 124.0 2020-07-04
Atacama Chile SaltySweet_ 1 371.0 2019-07-15
Cajamarca Peru GugolMC 1 1.0
Malvinas_Oeste Argentina ArkMineYT 1 52.0 2020-06-30
Malvinas Argentina Crandolf 4 242.0 2021-01-21
Annecy Argentina Tomdesavoie 1 78.0 2019-11-02
Bariloche Argentina Ictum 2 17.0 2020-02-02
Boqueron Paraguay jonbdm 1 33.0 2021-04-10
Rayos_Luminosos Bolivia RayvaxLux1206 1 24.0 2019-12-14
Islas_Cuchufli Chile RonaldFuuu 1 35.0 2020-02-20
North_Bogota Colombia Gaxprox 1 114.0 2018-10-28 Fell to inactivity
SantaCruz_Sierra Paraguay FranchuFranchu 4 31.0 2019-01-30 Merged with Paraguay
Tarapoto Peru SpazzingNobody 1 18.0 2021-04-09 Fell to inactivity
Florencia Colombia UnTryy 2 7.0 2021-04-15
Rosario Argentina PedroTrumpet 1 228.0 2019-08-30 Merged with Argentina
Encarnacion Paraguay itscoldbrrr 1 22
Jujuy Argentina Dam_Son 1 68 Renamed to Salta (I Think)
Llancanelo Argentina nikkilarson 1 23
Asuncion Paraguay Jiolion 6 74 2020-12-24 Town defected to Brazil and fell
Copiapo Chile thegamer3737 2 164
Aysen Chile Gummmyy 2 21
Ica Peru The_MasterPro 2 106
Iquique Chile DHB_TioDio 2 11
Sao Paulo Paraguay NicoGNV 8 88
Ancud Chile Renato66771 1 22
Mendoza Argentina Zinncer0 12 116 Merged with Argentina
La Pampa Argentina ValentuxasLtu 2 1 Merged with Argentina
Valdivia Chile Anonymusxpedia 2 4 2020-09-28 Fell to inactivity
SantaMaria Argentina Colovinho 1 15
Puerto Natales Chile GostaBo 1 106
La Paloma Argentina Pumpkibuu 1 20 2020-08-30 Fell to inactivity
El Salvador Argentina tintin_999 1 91
Posadas Argentina Guarguick 1 115 2020-08-30 Fell to inactivity, was later re-created
Arica Chile DasXtiN 1 68 Renamed to Norte_Grande
Taltal Chile 32Mula 1 44
Córdoba Argentina Joigrama1 1 146 Merged with Argentina
Cordoba (Old) Argentina 2019-03-20
Viña de Mar Chile 2019-03-20
Concepcion Peru Supwe 1 220 Fell to inactivity
Iguazu Paraguay JonnyGrunge 1 8 Merged with Paraguay
Stgo Estero Argentina EjsuFD1 1 16
Malvinas (Old) Argentina Mr_RockyRoll 2018-12-2? Sold and fell to inactivity
Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina OpachTundrio 2019-01-0?
Comodoro Rivadavia Argentina OpachTundrio 2019-01-0?
EllasSafeHouse Argentina Nightlyon 2019-01-0? Probaly fell to inactivity
Claromeco Argentina Luka_6009 2019-01-19 Probably fell to inactivity
Miramar Argentina JakovARG 2018-??-?? 2019-01-19 Fell to inactivity
General Roca Argentina lamotodecande 2018-??-?? 2019-01-19 Fell to inactivity
La Serena Argentina BaldEagle108 2019-01-29 Probably fell to inactivity
Formosa Argentina Kelthric 2019-01-29 Probably fell to inactivity
Isla_Prat Chile ?? ?? 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
Coyahique Chile ?? ?? 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
Pirates Argentina Guashimingo 2019-01-29 2019-05-?? Kicked out of nation due to scamming and fell to inactivity
Viedma (Old) Argentina Fedrer 2019-01-?? 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
Las Piedras Argentina 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
Mendoza (Old) Argentina 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
San Juan Argentina 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity
Entre Ríos Argentina 2019-05-?? Fell to inactivity