Lacusmagnia, officially the Lacusmagnian Realm, is a monarchist nation located in North America near the Great Lakes. Its moto is Gloriam Lacusmagnia.

The nation is composed of 17 towns :
  • Nuova Roma
  • Nuova Littoria
  • North Dakota
  • Mowille
  • Nemsica
  • New Omaha
  • KeemVille
  • McDonalds
  • Winnipeg
  • Xeluim City
  • Mattlandia
  • New Osnaburgh
  • Lake Winnipeg
  • New Cyprus
  • Rhodes

History :

BraveDan arrived in North America with a ambition : create a nation, and he established the nation of Lacusmagnia at 9 July 2019. Quickly, the nation expanded quickly like its capital : in 6 months, the capital city has 170 chunks and the nation has now 17 towns. The nation became a anti-fuze nation since FuzeIII's  arrival.

Since 17 October 2019, BraveDan has left EMC and gave to __Zuki__ the leadership of the nation.

Wars ==

Anti-Youtuber Expeditions

Fight against FuzeIII

The nation was hostile towards FuzeIII, who brought a toxic community, bringing a lot of french speaking players : when Eurythmics (aka __Zuki__) joined the nation, he started to focus on FuzeIII, and he managed to kill FuzeIII by logging.

FuzeIII log.


Lamalie - Lacusmagnian War

Lamalie is a French Youtuber nation lead by tantosd and Cocasfax which was created in 13rd February 2020, bringing a french speaking fanbase flooding the queue. The Third Exclusion also helps Lacusmagnia against Lamalie nation.

Expeditions against baptiste1006

Lacusmagnia has some issues with the player : the nation decided to raid the city of LE2CASSETOUTCITY, who belongs to him with some anti-baptiste players : he is known for his IRL death threats against those who attacked his city especially the leader, DDoS threats, which describes baptiste1006 as a toxic and a salty player. 

2020-01-11 15.08.57

American Order in Ohio.

American Order - USA


American Order marching into USA.

The nation has fought in the American Order side in order to crush the USA : it resulted of 1 month of battles, bombing, raids, muders which lead the American Order into victory.


Screenshot 20200212-191818 Discord

Victory for the American Order.

The Lacusmagnian Realm has actually one vice emperor, the nation's politics offers mutual help in military, economy, protection against external threats.

Past Emperor : BraveDan

Actual Emperor : Eurythmics (aka __Zuki__)

Lacusmagnia territories are in red.


The nation has mostly expanded its territories in the North, making Haran a coastal city.

The Lacusmagnian territories are shown in red in the middle of North America.

Relationships with other nations


Lacusmagnia is part of the UAS (Union of the Atlantic States), with Kalmar Union, Terra Mariana, Iceland, Godthab, Namibia, Patagonia, Altai and with Muscovy and of the NATO aka American Order.


UAS Flag.

Hated nations :

The nation of NewSwabia are known for tpkilling people, especially the leader, Raptor_130 who trashtalks people, the nation were about to declare war on them but the leader got banned and nation disbanded.

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