Lagos is a city on the coast on the Gulf of Guinea in Africa. It was founded on 2nd November 2018 by xCptSpiffyx and rolum, now currently owned by Darboticus. The town focused on making infrastructure as it previously aimed to be an international trade hub. This resulted in the Kingdom of Oyo's effort in the construction of the Korban Canal that goes through Lagos. Lagos hoped to be a modern city which can be shown by it's modern housing and it's plans for a skyscraper hotel and bar to entertain foreign tourists. It used to be the biggest city in Africa and currently lavishes as one of the oldest towns undergoing a revival. After the reigns of leadership were passed from Oryx_the_Undyne onto Darboticus, the town has seen recent growth and reconstruction of pivotal structures and areas. Unlike the recording of most towns, Lagos has a period of history from between its founding to the Era of Turmoil that isn't recorded or entirely known besides scraps of details that can be unfolded once in a while. Lagos currenty serves under the nation of Gold_Coast.



Lagos became a town on the 2nd of November 2018 with the founders being xCptSpiffyx and rolum. As the city planned to become a large modern city it seeked out help from citizens of the former African Confederacy. With growth of population many faced overcrowding as funds were directed to the establishment of the sovereign kingdom. As the Kingdom was formed, focus was put into development of housing and the construction of the Korban Canal which started on the 11th of November 2018 and finished on the 19th of November 2018. Since then a subway system had been constructed connecting opposite sides of the city, Lagos residents referred to this as the "Oyoway." There were plans to add more stations as the city expanded.

Since this, Lagos had focused on expanding East and establish suburbs and farmland. Lagos had began construction on a railway to the town of Port De Meme to connect both towns and in future connect to other towns in Central Africa.

Era of Decay/Era of Turmoil

Lagos as of March 5th, 2020

For most of its existence, Lagos went unrecorded in a large number of areas. Population dropped beyond 30 players, and a great deal of plots went into decay, deserted by its populace.  Before Darboticus took control of Lagos just by simply asking for it under no charge, it had been previously owned by Oryx_the_Undyne.  It's not known who owned Lagos before Oryx_the_Undyne, though one could probably ask.  With a new owner in place, most houses and buildings were reconstructed and fixed up, new people were recruited, and heavy finance had obtained for plot reclaimation.


Modern housing was built for affluent residents in the Eastern area of Lagos along the coast. These homes had planned connections to the canal heading to Central Africa giving these residents access and their own personal boat spaces.

Before new leadership under Darboticus took presence, most housing had withered into decay or were largely unfinished. Since then, most homes were repaired, some buildings going under complete overhauls.

Notable buildings include a giant lighthouse, a Starbucks, a bank, a parliament building, several shops, and both an amusement park and a potion shop that are currently undergoing construction.

Notable People

These are the dominant figures in city of Lagos

  • Head of State - Darboticus
  • Prime Minister - Empty
  • Minister of Defence - Empty
  • Minister of Agriculture - Empty
  • Minister of Environment - Empty

City Subdivisions

Lagos currently retains previous plans for expansion. Just as the canal had served as a priority structure before,, Lagos plans to centre it's zoning and function around it. The coast was planned to have industrial warehouses and storage buildings be built into place, but it currently serves to hold an amusement park under construction and a nice view overall. Apartments were made for poorer residents who may be newcomers or just aren't active. There are shops that were opened for local residents to own and buy goods. Foreign residents were supposedly allowed to have their own shops as well. On the West side of the city there were plans to have low-income neighborhoods. There were also plans to have mansions and large homes for the more wealthy and loyal residents of Lagos. In the centre of Lagos were plans to have public buildings such as the Senate and the Parliament as well as the Royal Bank of Oyo, as well as foreign embassies. Public services like churches, parks, police stations, libraries, universities, museums, hospitals, post offices, train stations, subway stations and canal entrances were planned to be placed around the city. Along the coast were plans to have entertainment buildings like hotels, bars, beaches, casinos, theme parks and volleyball courts.

Apartment buildings had been constructed for new players before they are given small plots, these apartments also act as a home for inactive players so that they aren't left homeless.

The beginning of the commercial district had started with 5 stores opening in the city. Lagos hoped, as it was the capital and the gateway to Europe from South Africa, that it would've attracted foreign investment.

The agriculture sector is undergoing expansion as it had previously vandalised the farmland but it now has a barn and farmland has been secured by the city of Lagos to supply local stores.

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