Langford Airways is an Airline created by Soviet09 to better connect Alaska, Canada and Western U.S.. It is most likely going to begin flights sometime in March 2020. It is named after the in real life town of Langford in British Columbia, Canada. The planes work using redstone and slime contraptions. Langford Airways colors are red, purple and white

Langfords frequent flyer program is Langford Luxury.



Soviet09 had previously been CEO of the Union of Airlines. However he ended it because he felt as if it was taken to much time out of his life. He began preparing to operate an airline in Alaska. He wanted it to be a budget airline as well. Soviet09 is also hoping to set up a rail service from the airport into the inner city for some towns.


Soviet09 decided to change the area of operation from North America to South America. Soviet09 still plans on operating it in North America eventually but has decided that South America is less crowded and thus better to start in.


Langford Airways began a very fast decline in march 2020 when it became clear that Langford Airways did not have enough resources to begin.

Corporate Spin-off

Starting in April 2020, CEO Soviet09 began planning to split the company in two. His plan is to sell one of the two and keep the other. His hope is to get some gold from selling one of them so he can buy some resources to begin flights. It is unknown whether these plans are still to go ahead.

Incorporation into UASN

On 24/4/2020, Soviet09 created a new company called UASN. It was created to bring together all of Soviet09's assets. Langford Airways previous parent company, The Langford Air Company, was disolved and replaced with UASN.

Corporate Affairs

Langford Airways it to also operate a cargo service known as "Langford Air Cargo Services". Langford Airways will also operate a private air service. Flights to areas outside the Americas will most of the time be operated by other airlines which are under control or are influenced by Langford Airways.


Currently Langford Airways has only one division, which is the Langford Airways West America Delivery Division.



Juneau to Kodiak Route Map

Originally the main route was Juneau to Kodiak. However, due to Langford Airways base of operation being changed to South America, the main route will most likely be changed to go with the change.

Competition with other airlines

Langford Airways is not trying to compete at the moment. more to be added


Langford Airways plans on becoming the largest Airline by 2022 on EarthMC. more to be added

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