Early Days

He had heard lots of good things about the glorious server christened "Earth Minecraft", or simply "EMC" from his friend Estonian_Mapping. Law of Rence had heard the experiences of Estonian_Mapping and his friends in creating the town of Walnut Creek. Although he had never joined the server, he was intrigued by the thought of a Minecraft map resembling that of Earth. Videos on the topic by ibxtoycat were watched by him, but the idea of playing on such a server faded into obscurity. Every time Estonian_Mapping mentioned the server, he would confuse the name with "Minecraft Earth", an augmented reality game announced May 2019, and would call the server "MC Earth", to the annoyance of Estonian_Mapping, a seasoned veteran, who would quickly and politely correct the error in his ways.

First Steps

One day, in a meeting with Estonian_Mapping on the 28th of November, 2019, he helped Law of Rence join the server. Starting out in the Gobi Desert, he started gathering sticks by utilizing dead bushed. Estonian_Mapping then enlightened him on the prospect of voting, acquiring a sponge. He then noticed on the "Dynmap" that he was being relentlessly pursued by a member of a Chinese or Mongolian nation he never thought to note (most likely the Mongol Commune). After his timer on town invites was over, he attempted to join Port Angeles, Estonian_Mapping's town after Walnut Creek fell due to inactivity. This failed, however, and Estonian_Mapping suggested he go through a nether portal (of pether nortal, as it was frequently referred to). When none were found, he then suggested that Law of Rence kill himself, which he promptly did. Now he could finally join his town.

Life in Port Angeles

Law of Rence assisted Estonian_Mapping

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