Le Mans


Le Mans (LeMans) is a french town which is in France. The mayor is

Titagames ( TitaGames_YT ).

The buildings and their construction

List of the projects

Monument IRL In Game
The Cathedral
Not realised
The old town
Lemans-5496 uxga.jpg
Work in progress
The race 24H of Le Mans
Not realised

The Construction of the Cathedral

The Demarcate of the cathedral.


First of all, I had to decide the exact place and the exact size. My first idea was to put the cathedral on two chunks but it was really small and I wouldn't have enough space to detail my construction. So, I take the decision to delimit 8 chunks, in 4x2.

The construction of the plateform

I construct the plateforme on the eight chunkd with a 5 block height.

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