General Information
In-Game Name Leafbox_
Joined October 5, 2019
Left Temporarily at April 2020, until June 2020.
Town Sorkapbyen
Town Rank Mayor
Nation Svalbard
Nation Rank Resident
Personal Information
Real Name
Nationality German
Gender Male biologially, plans to transition to Female
Discord Leafbox_#3626

Leafbox_ is a controversial player who has been seen as a troll, idiot and too serious for the server. He has been on EMC since October 5th, 2019.


October in France

Leafbox_ spawned in Tibet, and eventually was invited into Lyon, a town in France, where he first started as a working slave for a few days. He eventually claimed 2 plots in the town and left at about the 28th of October.


Leafbox_ was one of the main founders of Svalbard, and also lived in Longyearbyen since 28th October. He contributed significantly to the creation of the nation. Leafbox_ quickly became a important person in Svalbard that wanted a democracy. In Late December, he was kicked out for sending suicide threats to various citizens of Svalbard.

Brief Time in Spain and Yugoslavia

Leafbox_ tried finding refuge after he got all of his resources taken by Svalbard. He eventually got to Spain, and lived there for a week or two, until he got kicked out again. He then went to Yugoslavia, a new and fresh nation. The nation was absorbed by SPQR and Leafbox_ was forced to leave.


The Player played a small role in Liberia, and created Kenema, but at the time Leaf already was inactive and didn't care that much about Earthmc anymore.

Return to Svalbard

Leaf started becoming active at about the 10th of June 2020, due to him feeling more safe to go into the queue and also due to him having a better sleep schedule. He returned to Svalbard, and created Sørkapbyen on June 12th, 2020. Now he is trying to become a influential player in Svalbard, with strong speeches and unique opinions. Poor reporting by a EMCL staff got to Leafbox accidently getting a reporter fired.

Other Info

Controversial Seriousness

Leaf might be one of the most serious people on Earthmc, due to him acting like Earthmc is for real, and not just for fun. This serious altitude, though, allows Leafbox_ to be trusted by more serious EMC players, and Leaf can prove his competence in politics.

Borderline Personality

Leafbox is a subject of the Personality disorder of Borderline. For the reader, please google it yourselves and read a bit over the Personality disorder.

Political Outlook

He likes direct democracy with socialist values. Leaf leads the Socialist Worker's Party of Svalbard, a non-recognized political Party in Svalbard.

Leafbox_ on Reddit and Discord

Leaf has a Reddit and Discord account, and posts self-made alternate Maps for Earthmc, which aren't that bad. On discord, he's a Junior Reporter in EMCL.

Over the course of June and July, Leafbox got massive hate from toxic players for being accused as a furry, which is actually not true. Leafbox may support furries, but he is NOT a furry. Serveral players seem to have a extreme stigma over him, and due to Leafbox_'s very controversial posts, people seem to dislike him more and more, and by the second, more people start turning against him for often dumb reasons. His borderline makes the hate even stronger towards him.

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