the Lemon Party, an palindrome for Ytrap Nomel, which spelt backwards reads "Lemon Party", Which in itself is also an acronym for "Le Epic Memist Optional Nominee of the People Against toRonto, Thank You", (L.E.M.O.N.P.A.R.T.Y. for short), referred by members of the group as "A Fu*king Biohazard" (the highly inappropriate F word is censored for your own GOOD!) is a political party in Canada centered around Montréal, Quebec. It is not often often seen, but when often seen itis seen as a joke party. Although it is anything but a joke party. It takes much of its inspiration from the United State's particular system, in which it is divided nearly person-to-person so much that some even tried to separate and make their own stupid party. Very Stupid.


On November 28th 2019, player and townowner Dabs_All_OvarYT asked newly-appointed manager of the parties VicTheBerge if he can make his own custom party called "the Lemon Party" but Vic said no, as only irl Canadian Parties we're allowed. Vic however said that Dabs can run the Liberal Party instead. Dabs made the party anyways but gave up on the party idea simply because nobody was taking it seriously at all. He gave the party to a bunch of french wallooners in Quebec, which they ate the idea up entirely and made it a-new in Quebec's Capital Montréal. They made it hot and stuff. Really, Really Hot.


the Lemon Party's rise to fame came when the Lemon Party started using propaganda to get folks on their side. Saying how they will surely "A B O L I S H" new-york-controlled Toronto and detailing it in great massive detail.


They however would never get the chance to A B O L I S H toronto as they have never been voted into office. The Lemon Party would fracture between who believed in the cause and who were growing bored wanted to support new-york-controlled toronto, these seceded and became the Lime Party, a party as pucker as the previous party. They evenutally found a common ground in both controlling toronto and made ammends. This is where the 2-party system of the (nonplural) Lemon Party arose; and the motto as well. "The Parties are Negotiating, state your party position and Eat Toronto" is the motto of both parties, although it is a tad bit sublime.

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