Profile Information
Aliases Linux Arwick, Linux, iinux
Nation Stockholm Stockholm
Town Södermalm
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party
Clan Warwick2 The Warwick Family
Spouse Graylynn Graylynn
Discord Discord Linux#0001
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn November 11, 2019
Place of Spawn South Korea
Physical Information
Nationality Britainflag British
Gender Male
Blood Type
Zodiac Leo Leo
Height 178 cm
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role
Date of Ban
Nation History
Kalmar Union


Linux Arwick, the 1st Marquess of Enköping, Uppsala, Sundsvall; simply addressed as Linus/Linux. He was the founder of The Warwick Family with his beloved wife Graylynn Arwick. Currently the Jarl of Stockholm.


Early Life:

Joined November 11, 2019, upon his arrival, MaxFI the current mayor of Lahdenpohja extended his hand to allow Linus to

Finland and Uppsala's founding

Finding his way to Finland, MaxFI the current mayor of Lahdenpohja extended his hand to allow Linus to join his city, eager to establish his own city, Linus accepted the gold offered by Max to venture to Sweden and create Uppsala (Now called Sundsvall) and soon left the Finnish nation to join Kalmar Union (Now called Sweden). Shortly after he invited his wife to join his odyssey to build the city of Uppsala and Fjärding Estate.

Nobel Prize's Rise

November 19, 2019, The Nobel Prize Foundation was created by to organize the future Nobel Prize which garnered attention from the remaning players around the world, instantly building hype for the event.

The Grand Theft

November 23, 2019, Gralynn Arwick discovered at 5:03 PM that the accumalted prize money of more than 600 gold was missing from Uppsala's City Vault. After the discovery Linus and Graylynn both concluded that it was in fact stolen and soon contacted the Staff of EarthMC for assistance. During this time both of them had gathered some suspects which consisted of Utforskarmannen (The old mayor of Nya Stockholm), Periano(A known criminal within Kalmar Union) and Dalalius (Mayor of Gävle and a close family friend) Responding to Linus and Gralynn's request for help, XxSlayerMCxX was summoned to investigate the situation upon realising this was out of his normal expertise he soon contacted CloakedEagle for further aid. Upon more detailed search Eagle found the culprit but due to staff rules he was not able to give up the identity of the thief. Linus pleded for eagle to give up the name and continued to ask him if it was any of the suspects that they had previously thought of, leading to further clues for Linus to explore. Later on coming to the conclusion that it was infact Periano who had stolen the gold. Unable to do anything Linus put a hold on the incoming donations from numerous player and instead supply the prize money with the remaining untouched funds inside the city vault.

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