List of Maparts currently in EarthMC

a Map Art is a custom design that is build on a massive scale in-game and a Map Item is applied to the area, but instead of showing the terrain it shows the custom design. Players can then carry around the custom design or place it in an Item Frame to display it to the world. The following is a list of all the map arts in the server, a summary of their design, their location, and their status. I recommend updating this to add yours after finishing one, or for adding in a mapart you've recently discovered but can't find anywhere else.


Image Name of Mapart Author Status
"Boba Fett" WTDPuddles Alive


"Map Maker Union" Riftal Alive
"Bruh" Riftal Alive
2020-01-12 00.58.13
"Lmao" Riftal Alive
"Ozen" Ozen1 Alive
Pink Floyd The Wall Map Art
"Pink Floyd's The Wall" IsabelleIzzy Alive
Hammer&Sickle Map Art
"Hammer&Sickle" IsabelleIzzy Alive
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