List of people who have successfully killed FuzeIII

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FuzeIII is a is french Youtube channel owner who operates a channel with the same name with over 1.5 million subscribers. He is the king of Queensland and the mayor of FuzeCity.

FuzeIII has caused upheaval within the EarthMC community, with sentiments of resentment forming among players displeased with the increased queue times that his large community following has brought to the server. As such, he and his area are often targeted by raiding parties and assassination attempts.

FuzeIII has notable tactical advantages over the other players of the server, with his press account allegedly granting him abilities such as non server-limited render range (seen in his videos) and the ability to not be displayed in the dynamic map. Although he is a well known target, he proves to be highly elusive, and has only been killed by a few players

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  • Only two player killed FuzeIII more than once on EMC, Juuzoz_ and Warriorrr
  • After his death on June 4, FuzeIII was not killed for two months. Following that, security around FuzeCity was significantly increased, such as its outward expansion from its central base, the formation of nearby buffer towns to prevent pvp, and the building of a large obsidian wall. FuzeIII had become harder to find than ever

    Transcript of deaths as searched through the towny discord bot

  • On August 14th, he was slain by Warriorrr, which was the first time he was killed in over 2 months.
  • We learn in the Fuze's episode 14 on EarthMC that recently, a French player named Jocraft83150 managed to kill him by entering his base through the Nether portal, shooting Fuze with a fishing rod to the Portal of the Nether while he was AFK, then kill him in the Nether because the pvp is activated there.

Warrior's record

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