LiterallyADonut is currently the King of Sweden (Formerly the King of the Kalmar Union), and the successor to NordicFenris - King under Odin, Lord of Swedes and the Founder of Nya Asgard.


He ascended to the throne on the 31st of December 2019, in the capital of the Kalmar Union (Currently known as Sweden), Nya Asgard.

The following is an excerpt of his coronation speech:

“As the end of an era approaches for the Kalmar Union, new leadership is happening. After Nordic is unfortunately resigning as King Under Odin he has chosen me to continue his legacy, and help guide our amazing nation to an even better place. We will all be missing you Nordic, and you have done so much for us here, we are truly grateful for your efforts and countless hours of support you've given us. I'd like to thank a few people who have particularly helped me on this journey to this amazing position, though you are all amazing. _CrA (_Cra6914) for always being able to lend a hand, and has brought our nation the amazing CTM system, in which we all know and love. Riftal for always being a close ally and a good mate for the guys at Donutville. GoodGardener, I don't know what i'd do without your shop seriously man. Noveristch (Noveritsch), you've been an amazing help to me and definetly we're a stepping stone for me to get to this position. Linux (Linus) although gone had done some great things like SVT. ENLS, I love your work, thanks for leading our nation. 1ts_a_name you're a great friend to us in Donutville, thank you. Sam (AnAverageSam) you're always been amazing in real life and in EMC. Looper (Odditylol) you've done so much for Donutville and are a great friend. BuderMaster (TheBuderMaster) you're a legend and have done so much for our amazing nation. Utforskattmen (Utforskarmannen) I love your beautiful town and endless support for everyone here. And everyone else in the nation. Through our many battles and disputes with the Regional Powers and our great relationships we've made with Svalbard and Terra-Mariana (and many more), we've only ever grown. I shall try my very best to be an amazing king, although not as good as Nordic he shall always be better than whoever is leading us. I'm very excited to see what will happen to this place and see how much more we will grow together to make this nation a better place!”

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