Lixus was founded 3 February 2020 in Northwestern Africa after declaring independence from Spanish rule.

After gaining its sovereignty, the nation faced pressure from two sides with conflicting interests. Spain wished to maintain control over the Northwestern African regions and offered land and power to Lixus leaders in exchange for allegiance. On the other hand, a budding United Africa sought to welcome the new state to their governing body. With two paths to take, leadership was forced to make a choice. After conversing with both sides of the conflict as well as the mayors of the towns which were promised to them, Diplomatic Leader Neowyld held a meeting which led to Lixus joining United Africa as Spain's offers appeared disingenuous.

Casino Era, 29 February 2020 - 20 April 2020

Lixus's main project was the construction of The Golden Apple Casino. It was the purpose for becoming a nation. Ever since its founding, the members of the nation worked tirelessly on the building to create the first full-scale casino since Nepal. It is said that the walls were knocked down and rebuilt three or four times before completion. Neowyld designed the layout, exterior, interior, and theme. Reoost engineered the redstone for the games to work. BoxedSoda created the roof art. Valkyrie_Snow and Pixelfire93 worked on miscellaneous tasks.

A wild day sparked the opening of The Golden Apple Casino. It began with a 1v1 between Neowyld and Valkyrie_Snow which acted as the cutting of the ribbon. Valkyrie_Snow ended up winning the duel, and the gambling commenced. Later that day, the first Ice Race in Lixus would be hosted and it featured the one and only Fix. After the race ended, Fix left a copy of his head as a reward.

On March 7, Acalypha joined Lixus as the first town expansion of the union. Acalypha is a coastal city and is now the most populated city in the nation. Valkyrie_Snow is the diplomatic leader of the town and its founder.

On March 18, Dovahkiid23 (formerly known as Pixelfire93) created Blackreach. This became the second town expansion and is still under construction.

On March 24, Riftal hosted his bachelor party at the Golden Apple Casino. Fix attended this event. Many ice races took place. Riftal and Ghost_Rock_ both won the new bald Fix head for winning first. This event was the largest influx of people to hit the casino at once.

Bigger and Better Era, 20 April 2020 - 3 August 2020

Lixus and the corporation which runs it "The Golden Apple Incorporated" had made strides to expand and grow their business. This marked a new era for Lixus as they have economically thrived even under the economic depression that TN was going through. Multiple renovations to the casino occurred including the addition of a restaurant, the implementation of events and event booking, joining the World Boat Racing Federation, and a casino floor expansion.

On May 3, Nowhere Leaves Lixus to inherit Mauritania

On May 4, Lixus left United Africa due to the alliance's inactivity.

On May 9, TGA Inc Acquired BAWB the Builder Co.

On May 12, Acalypha leaves Lixus and purchases Western_Sahara. 

On June 2, Neowyld hosted a large birthday event for himself where he gave away ~600g in prizes and drops.  

A new ice race expansion was also opened featuring a huge starting line and more than a minute length addition. Lixus truly boomed during this era and became a centerpiece of entertainment for the server.  

Beyond Lixus 4 August 2020 - Present

On 4 August 2020, tragedy struck the nation as the mods had ruled it a violation of 4.1 - Nation Names. Technically, the IRL city of Lixus was neither large enough nor ever considered a nation. Therefore, it was wiped from the map. Many were outraged by the event, but Neowyld remained calm and accepted the name removal as it was fair treatment during a time where a lot of nations were getting 4.1 violations.

Time will tell what the new name for Lixus will be.


Lixus prefers not to consider its leadership a government. Rather, the people consider themselves a "diplomatic council." They make decisions and have a hierarchy about foreign affairs but prefer to hold no jurisdiction over each other or each others' properties. Most of the time, the only "law" is the law of the property which one stands on. There are no elections. They do not declare war. The leadership of Lixus only looks out for the well-being of the community and the profit of their organizations.


The members of Lixus believe heavily in free market economics and a libertarian approach to city-building. Everything done without compensation is done so voluntarily. There are no enforced taxes, but many have been keen to donate to the greater good in order to allow the nation to thrive. Lixus is a peaceful state with no intention of getting into armed conflicts with any foreign entity. They welcome all with open arms so long as they do not act with aggression.

Private property is a strong belief within the nation as is the protection of private rules established on each plot. If a citizen or foreigner is to violate someone's personal rules, they could be outlawed and shunned from the Lixus community. This is especially the case in The Golden Apple where rules can be strict, specifically during events.

Lixus's ideology comes primarily from its capital Valkyrie City. However, mayors of towns beneath the Lixus banner have the freedom to enact laws and government as they please as Lixus does not consider itself a federal governing body.


Lixus has no official military. Lixus is a peaceful nation, and any joint effort to combat intruders would be considered a militia rather than a military.


  • Golden Apple Casino - Primary focus of Lixus visits

2020-02-29 17.39.26.png

  • Valkyrie_Snow's Art Gallery - A wide collection of map art
  • Casa City Ruins - Aside from the Ice Race track running through it, the former town has been left untouched.

Important People

Neowyld - Founder, Diplomatic Leader, Owner of The Golden Apple, Former UA Governor

Valkyrie_Snow - Former Chancellor, Second in Command, Former Representative in United Africa, Founding Member

BoxedSoda - Vassal State Leader, Made Majority of Art (Banners, Casino roof, etc), Founding Member

Dovahkiid23 - Chancellor, Founding Member

Reoost - Former Chancellor, Founding Member, TGA Inc Engineer,

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