Lolgaming is one of the best, most famous players one EarthMC

Lolgaming started playing on September 20th 2019, he quickly became the most popular, most famous, and most recognizable players on the server.

He is the town architect and Co-mayor of Lubbock, Rio Grande and is also quite good in combat.

On December 7th 2019 users TaffyTheCat and lolgaming132 would marry, bringing peace upon all nations on EMC for one day, but tensions have been growing in the marriage over time and a divorce has been planned.

Lolgaming has now declared war on Fix for not fixing sign shops. He has been rallying his extremeist views and has brought many others into his group. They call Fix a dictator and that elections must be held. He says he doesnt care if Fix wins the elections or not, he just wants the possibility of another player being in power. He also believes that the current sign shop plugin used is extremely bad and broken and that a new one must be used.

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