Loligrado its a city in Imperial_Brazil founded by PimguimArmado and later transfered to ReiMarombeiro, who is the active Mayor of the city.


Loligrado was founded near the coast of Brazil, on a mountain by a group of players who shared their love for the loli aesthetic. These founding fathers shared all of their resources in a common chest and didn't planned the city to be occupied by anyone other then themselves. They lived inside a mountain and build a city hall that looked simmilar to the IRL Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Building.

After the declaration of ReiMarombeiro as the Emperor of Imperial_Brazil the city passed to a vast rebuilding procedure, since it will later become the empire's capital. ReiMarombeiro decided to delay the homeblock transfering until Loligrado surpassed Brasilia in overrall city development.

The official religion of Loligrado is Sagiri-Kirinism.


In vast contrast of many Imperial cities, Loligrado has a flat geography, and every chunk expansion and later habitation effairs take longer than normal due to terraforming.

The main reason for that obcession with terraforming lays on the city's name, Loligrado must remain flat. The city is all build on top of a single Y level ground, which contrasts vastly with the non anthropomorphized terrain of mountanous ranges.


The city is interlined with the Imperial Iceway System, and due to it interesting geography almost the whole city is visible from any point so nothing feels far away.



Loligrado's city hall as seen from Curitiba.


An example of it unique geography.

2019-02-15 18.44.04

Loligrado's flat geography


Loligrado City Hall (mid.) And Kamui Fortress (right)

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