Londrina is the capital of Imperial Brazil, being previously a city of the Federation of Brazil.


Londrina is divided by districts, currently having four of them (Athens, Madrid, Real and Paris), besides the main avenue. The neighborhoods are mostly residential, with some exceptions like a greenhouse in the Athens neighborhood.

The town offers various public services including library with enchanting table and space to create potions, public mine and transportation system. Currently Londrina has three four stores, two of them international.


City Hall

The city hall is the starting point of the city, being the nation's spawn. It is where the mayor's items are stored. In front of it there are two statues, one carrying the flag of Imperial Brazil and another carrying the flag of Londrina.


The city bank is where people must pay the tax. Each person must rename to your name and drop three gold per day in the hoppers. Outside the bank, it has the colors blue and yellow, the same colors of the Bank of Brazil in real life.


The library is a public space where the locals can enchant their items and create potions. Upstairs, accessible only to city dwellers, are stored items that can be used to enchant and create potions.


The Bunker is a place created in response to some past invasions. It is where the players must flee in case of siege.

Subway Station

Created before the creation of the Imperial Brazil, the Subway Station should contain tracks with minecraft, but with the reforms arising from independence a new system with ice and boats was adopted. Currently it only connects Brasilia and Londrina, but in the future it will connect the other cities of the nation.

Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is the official residence of Emperor Aettos and is also the seat of national government. It is probably the most detailed building in the city.


The Headquarters is where all items used during conflicts and wars, including armor, swords, potions and so on, will be stored. It is on the side of the police station and is one of the tallest buildings in the city.


Prison is where criminals or war enemies are sent by being killed in the territory of the city. There they are trapped until they can escape or are released.

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