Longyearbyen is the capital city of Svalbard.


Early History

Longyearbyen was founded on October 9, 2019. It is one of the few towns located in the territory of the former Svalbard, and was the most devoted to restoring the nation. On November 2 of that year, the town was severely damaged due to raiding. On the 6th November, ThundorLord and the other founding members of Longyearbyen had finally gotten enough gold to make a nation, Svalbard. Soon after, on the 7th, the official coronation took place, and Longyearbyen became the official capital city of Svalbard.


Not long after it's founding, the town began to expand, as the town expanded slowly, a few players joined, (most of the now 'Lords'). These players would help fund the nation. During the save up for the nation, Longyearbyen put expansion on hold, as all funds, and all resident's gold, would go towards Nationhood. After Nationhood was reached, Longyearbyen began expanding rapidly, in population, and territory size. The capital has reached a size of 145 chunks. At its peak, Longyearbyen was home to around 30 residents.


The mayor of Longyearbyen, ThundorLord, has occasionally left EarthMC for weeks on end. This has caused a dramatic decline in the population of Longyearbyen, reducing it to a mere 11 inhabitants in March, and a shockingly low 5 inhabitants by the end of April. At this time, it is unlikely the city could recover.



Town Square, the oldest portion of Longyearbyen still standing


Market Street, the former spawn and current primary commercial district


Valley Street, Longyearbyen's main residential district


TreePapi's emporium and Mersa Mines, the former spawn of Longyearbyen


Longyearbyen's founders' peak under construction, also the current spawn


Longyearbyen is where the majority of the population of Svalbard lives, and where most national trade takes place as it is /n spawn. Longyearbyen used to be the northernmost capital city. It is the center of boat yeeter, the main entrance to it is in the centre of the town.

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