Lord of Crows (also known as crows) is a player in EarthMC.


'I prefer the ugly truth over the beautiful lie. - Lord of Crows Lord of Crows is a Plague Doctor who often prescribes breadpill as a medicine against all the common ailments that surround us. It is extremely effective against a plague that often leaves it's victim malnourished - Communism.


Early life: Nothing much is known about his early life, but rumors have it that the first sightings of him were seen in the jungles of South-America. Later on he was sighted mainly on the coasts of Europe. His sighting was not well met by the inhabitants, as they attempted to attack him, but he managed to eventually reach his destination - the land occupied by Minskan Rus.

Crows landed in a southern densly forested area between the larger towns Pskov and Jelgava and began constructing a crude wooden shack. The buildings brought a tear to the eyes of Crows himself, but he convinced himself that it was only temporary. He worked day and night to obtain enough gold to settle down. However his construction did not go unnoticed and was raided multiple times, slowing down his proccess of creating his own town.

Later Life: On 25th of March, Crows finally had enough gold to buy himself a plot of land, gaining himself safety from any raider. Tirelessly mining and working, he built up his huts and cobblestone walls into a proper fortress. He expanded upon the existing lake to surround his fortress to make sieging his fort harder. While his fortress was half complete, he suffered to another raid where the raiders extorted gold from him and built a giant dirt cross on his fort. Crows was not happy about it to the slightest. As the raiders left, Crows dedicated much of his effort to gain enough gold and to finish his fortress. The raiders returned the day later, but to their surprise, the fortress had become complete and they found it nigh impossible to breach the defenses. Because of that the raiders left with their hands empty and their blades clean.

As of 31 March, Crows aligned himself with Intermarianum, to aid them against the Danish aggression.


  • Werro, a fortress built to protect the inhabitants aswell as be at the crossroads for trade. This is Crow's main place of residence.
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