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Los Angeles is a town founded by No_Jewtsu and BadMineBoy17. It was founded on 2 A.D. (11/11/18). This town was made based on where No_Jewtsu was from.

History Edit

The Start Edit

No_Jewtsu, the founder of Beijing abandoned his old town in order to create this new one that he had confidence in. Started with a claim in the San Pedro area. No_Jewtsu quickly claims Palos Verdes area, Torrance, Inglewood, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Hunnington Beach, and then Compton with his left over gold from Beijing. As of 11/11/18 No_Jewtsu continues to build Ports O Call Village which is part of the Port of Los Angeles. Los Angeles' main goal is to form the nation of New Spain with San Francisco. The people of Los Angeles build "The 5 Freeway" connecting to San Francisco. Construction started 11/15/2018. Los Angeles abandoned their goal for New Spain. People of Los Angeles found and adopt the religion of Jewtsuism.

Bumpy Road to Form California Edit

Los Angeles later has some conflict with San Francisco about who should own California. They decided who ever gets 512 gold first owns it. This event will be called "The Great Race." The race was canceled due to the decision of San Francisco wanting to join California and they preferred No_Jewtsu to be leader. Los Angeles receives a gift of 2 cows from Tenochtitlan. These 2 cows are the first cows ever in California (believe me I looked everywhere). The 1st Jewtsuism Church has been finished by No_Jewtsu on 11/20/18. Los Angeles builds up to 62% of 512 gold in 2 days! With a total of 81% of their 512 gold goal it was all lost due to the incompetence of BadMineBoy17. Los Angeles kicks their Councillor, BadMineBoy17, and prohibits him from joining Los Angeles or any Californian nation again. Los Angeles makes BadMineBoy17 and outlaw. Los Angeles builds "The Wall of Loss" from the majority votes of the California Confederacy which surrounds all of Los Angeles prohibiting visitors unless invited. Los Angeles continues grinding for gold from only 15% of their goal instead of 81%. No_Jewtsu hopes that the gold reappears because he thinks it's lost from the rollback. No_Jewtsu and all members of the confederacy quickly build up 512 gold in 3 days and form the nation of California.

The decline of Los Angeles and The Rise of California Edit

All of the cities of California grow while Los Angeles is becoming idle or dying slowly. With almost all members inactive and most of the active members leaving to settle in Phoenix, No_Jewtsu makes an attempt to grow it back up again. Las Vegas becomes the biggest city in California. No_Jewtsu decides to quit EMC and leaves the town to JPapper.

Important Buildings Edit

1st Jewtsuist Church

Storage House 1A

x4 houses

Mob Grinder

Diplomacy Edit

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  • Poland
  • Korea
  • La Plata
  • Ecuador
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Norge
  • Wabanaki

Rivals Edit

Honorable People Edit

  • cmad88
  • Mac3030
  • NigelFarage666
  • Dbacksrock
  • TheAmazingHotdogMan
  • DubbleDerp

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Los angeles