LuciferianThomas (formerly TCCGPlayz) is a semi-active player on EarthMC Terra Nova. He is from Hong Kong in real life and settled in Canberra and Melbourne of Australia in Terra Nova.


Early History

TCCGPlayz first spawned in the British Isles on April 4, 2019. He was invited to the relatively-new-at-the-time Australian town of Canberra by mayor Duzy_ and resident Mike_Wong, who lives in the same city as him in real life.

Canberran Life

It wasn't before long when TCCGPlayz started settling down in two plots of Canberra, south of work-in-progress Australian Parliament House. Within a week of his joining, he started the Canberra Underground Basement Project with his neighbors. The Project went rather smoothly and the members helped each other a lot.


On April 22, 2019, TCCGPlayz and two of his friends who play on EarthMC with him at school suddenly got banned by PolkadotBlueBear for "Alt of Banned Player". TCCGPlayz and his friends were extremely astonished for the ban since he himself was very sure that he is an individual.

After a few days of investigation, it was proven that a playmate of his at school was found to have used the same IP address with a banned user, probably by the banned user (or their alternate accounts) connecting through VPN. TCCGPlayz was found innocent and was unbanned on April 25, 2019.

Going On

After being unbanned, TCCGPlayz helped Duzy_ to collect a large amount of sheep to start the wool production in Canberra. Duzy_ granted him the Sir rank of the nation for the contributions.

After a short inactivity period, the then Australian leader Duzy_ suggested that TCCGPlayz and Mike_Wong help CoffeeTom to grow the town of Melbourne. The duo accepted and is about to start their new journey.

Reporter Life

TCCGPlayz joined the EarthMC Live team, initially as a map editor, on June 6, 2019. He started becoming an Australian Reporter for the team on the day after.

A Twist

It wasn't long before Melbourne joined TerraAustralis after the United Australia conflict, so TCCGPlayz and Mike_Wong returned to Canberra shortly. They once moved to Mildura for a short period of time but TCCGPlayz was soon given the mission to take over Keiro from SourCream72 and to develop it into the suburb district of East Canberra starting June 21, 2019.


With the original EarthMC Live queue update bot broken, he suggested to DoctorSnakes, the Chief Editor of EarthMC Live, that he would make a replacement. As of the creation of the new EarthMC Live Discord Bot, he became the official Bot Developer of EarthMC Live. The bot has caught the eyes of a few EarthMC staff members, all saying that it has been well made.

Leaving EMC

As a victim of Sceshooter's leak, LuciferianThomas has left EMC and Canberra falls.

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