MEIPS, or the Middle-Eastern International Party for Socialism is the Middle-Eastern Central Committee of the International Socialist Party (ISP). It was founded after the apparent collapse of the Asia-ISP, the former Central Committee for all of Asia by the Afro-ISP and unaffiliated Socialists at the X Convention.


After the Asia-ISP disappeared after the V Convention (although one member lasted until the VIII Convention) the Afro-ISP took up the challenge to recreate Central Committees in Asia for the ISP. MEIPS hosted the X and XI Conventions. Despite originally having much promise, when ISIS collapsed the MEIPS found themselves without a nation and given the unstable nature and inactivity of the other nations in the region, MEIPS voted to dissolve itself during the end of April 2019.

MEIPS never managed to gain power or implement any of its ideals as the inactive nature of the region became apparent after ISIS moved. They were the first Central Committee to dissolve themselves, prompting the East Asia-ISP to do the same and eventually causing the entirety of the International Socialist Party to go defunct after the Afro-ISP and Euro-ISP dissolved themselves. Unlike those two however MEIPS did not join the 2nd International and their main members have gone inactive due to the horribleness of the Queue.

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