Macau 澳門
Town Information
Full Name Macau 澳門
National Anthem
Name in Towny Macau
Established March 23, 2019
Nation Han Dynasty 漢朝
Population 6
Chunks 120
Continent Asia 亞洲
Government Information
Mayor A1azan
Political System Monarchy 君主制
Economic System Capitalism 資本主義
Official Language CN Chinese 中文

Englishflag English 英文

Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Qin Dynasty 秦朝
Past Mayors Shia_Chan (formerly known as Maxifunseeker43)
Past Councillors A1azan

Macau (formerly known as Macao) is a town that's located south of China right beside Hong Kong.


The town is founded on 23 March, 2019 by Maxifunseeker43 (now known as Shia_chan), after he joined the server for 5 days. At first, the town was only 1 chunk big for the first 2 days of establishment. The town joined Qin Dynasty on the second day of establishment. For a period of time, Macau had only one resident. The town then had its early members in mid April, namely Savhawkskywalker, RebelKnox. With the help of these members, Macau started to be on track.

The town faced its population peak during the massive influx of Chinese player who are attracted by the Chinese livestreamer Zi__Min. This made the town to reach 50 people population limit( the then highest number of population a town can have).

The town then started decline after Zi__Min left the town and joined the then Bejijing (now known as Beijing_West).

Fun Fact

  • Macau became the oldest town in the Han Dynasty after Wuhan secede from the nation.
  • The two mayors Shia_chan and A1azan are real life friends.
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