Macau (old town)

Macau (old town) was the capital of Ming. It was established by aiden, the emperor of Ming and later Tang.


The town was established by aiden in mid October 2018. It was used as the capital of Ming. Later, the capital of Ming was moved to Hankou (Wuhan nowadays) and the town is transferred to vented, the second mayor of the town. However, due to the lack of interest of vented about the town. The town was quickly sold to oblongmango, the third mayor of the town. Under the ruling of oblongmango, the town joined Taiwan since oblongmango thought that the then Tang (came from the combination of Ming and Qin) was a mistake and refused to join Tang.

Later, the town fell as ruins due to oblongmango being inactive.

Notable people

  • aiden: The founder and the emperor of the then Ming and Tang
  • vented: 2nd mayor. Built the old town wall and two Japanese castles, which were torn down by oblongmango later.
  • oblongmango: 3rd and the last mayor. He reconstructed Macau in a new style and led Macau to join Taiwan
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