"The best source of resources!" - toymaster3
Madislavia is a town within The Solomon Empire.

It is located on the most northern tip of Australia.


Early History

Madislavia was founded November 10th, 2018. Two friends, toymaster3 and bobbyjoe47 landed on the shores of Northern Australia and started building a home, after acquiring 32 gold as a loan from New Zealand.

November, 2018 - Present

Madislavia turned to farming and trade, toymaster3 and bobbyjoe47 built a huge sheep farm after a long delivery from a player. After waking up after a long day of construction, toymaster3 noticed all the sheeps slaughtered in their pen. On Friday, December 14th, the entire town of Madislavia was bulldozed and an entirely new renovation project went underway. It is still in progress.


  • Madislavia Public Mall
  • Madislavia Train Station
  • Madislavia Resource Storage
  • Bayside Hotel
  • Madislavia Nightclub


Madislavia Company

The Madislavia Company is a company founded by Madislavia founder toymaster3. The company's goal is to offer all resources to the people of EarthMC at a cheap price. The company started off after making several successful wool sales across the cube. Their first high paying sale was to BlizzardArt which required toymaster3 and bobbyjoe47 to sail across the open ocean all the way to New Mexico.

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