Madrid is the capital of Spain, located in the middle of the country. The '/n spawn Spain' teleportation leads to Madrid, and a lot of people go here daily. Madrid is mostly visited because of its XP grinder, counting 40 spawners



Madrid used to be called Castellon and was located in eastern Iberia until the city got renamed and moved its location to the place where it is today.

Castellon creation

Castellon was made on the 6th of February 2019 after Pengun left Perpignan, wanting to start over to make a new city and capital for the then so-called Aragon. Castellon was made by the name of Oropesa. The first-ever citizen of the city was '1234567890098734'. He also got the first house built.


Pengun immediately started making tons of houses for people to live in, planning to have it an active city. Most houses were made out of sandstone with brick roofs, giving the city a true Spanish feeling.

Location of Madrid

With Castellon serving as the capital city of Spain, many Madrid's have existed, which all have fallen, leaving the spot empty and the structures abandoned.


Madrid is located in the center of the Iberian peninsula, with many other cities around it.

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