The Maid Cafe Massacre was a minor scuffle that occurred in the Maid Cafe.


Business was as usual in the Maid Cafe on the night of March 16, 2020. Customers were complaining about frequent coronavirus cancellations and vibing, but this would be quickly interrupted. One admin visiting the cafe began splashing customers with a potion causing them to rapidly increase their speed and cause them to glow.


Due to Sairene being slightly annoyed by potions, she enabled PVP in the Maid Cafe. Some unarmored players were killed in the ensuing scuffle, with most fleeing outside of the cafe. After this incident, some players called for Sairene's one senpai, Highlander, to ban her for "spawntrapping" Shimazu. Sairene herself simply considered it natural selection.

Angry customers alerting to danger in Shimazu

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