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The Majapahit Empire is a nation located in Southern Asia and was ruled by WoolyPotatoz and Prime Minister Danhat until Emperor Marcelious took the throne. The empire was first founded by Parameswara on January 24th 2019. The capital of the Majapahit Empire was Wilwatikta, an ancient styled city that was the founding place of the empire, but is now Sarawak, a modern city with a growing population and home to many "Gamers". Sarawak is largest city in the Majapahit empire. With a population estimated at 34 (July 2019) it is the largest city in all of South Asia.

After a laborious process, the throne of Majapahit was given to Marcelious sometime in June of 2019. The Crowing ceremony was held in the Sarawak Chapel built by Poorhomme. It was a large event with over 13 people attending including important leaders of Asian countries like Qing, as pictured.

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Many "Gamer Moments" have been had in the days of Marcelious's rule. One of Sarawak's founding members returned from hiatus, YYliq, and proved to be one of the strongest fighters on EarthMC. He was later banned for complex reasons. After allying with Somerset, many countries that were once peaceful towards Majapahit were turned into aggressive enemies because of raids and killings of "Noobs". Such enemy nations include Qing, Alaska, Bering Strait, and all of the Usegi Alliance after growing tensions. Majapahit does not consider itself at war, but frequently fight specific people of nations. 

On July 29th, 2019 a very large attack by Uesugi was made against The Gamers of  Majapahit after a raid in Alaska, with over 20 Usegi members agaisnt the 4 Maja Warriors. The Usegi attack was repelled in a long battle, with heavy casualalties to the Usegi side, such as Mr. X, Silvertooth, Oso Sama, Incarnation__, and many other fighters dying in the battle. Maja only lost 2 people agaisnt the hoarde of players, with the total amount of deaths on the Uesugi side totaling an astonishing 70 causalites. The victory over Uesugi has been dubbed "The Day of Blood" and is a national holiday in Sarawak. 

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