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The Citadel of Malakopi was founded on December 17th by user CornedMilk. A member of Byzantium, Malakopi is a city based primarily underground featuring an above-ground citadel in the Anatolian Peninsula. The city considers itself "Armeno-Byzantine" as its inhabitants are of Armenian and Greek origin, reflecting in its architecture. While under the monarchial-capitalist system of Byzantium, internally the city is a commune by free association in which all resources (minus gold and other personal items) are shared for the good of the community. Malakopi is currently under heavy construction and has yet to be completed.


Cilician Era

CornedMilk, with the help of user God_Of_Murloc, joined the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia with the intents of making an ally of Cilicia, a fellow Armenian state under Byzantine protectorate, and then expanding later on into the north. Plans for a town northeast of Cilicia near the Euphrates were initially made until a survey of the land was conducted, proving the land most uninhabitable. A small Greek village in Cilicia was bought by CornedMilk as a starter base. This village, known as Zephyrium, is still used as a base for connection with Cilicia on Malakopi's behalf.

Construction Era

A plot of land near Ancyra, Adana, northwest of Cilicia was chosen to be the dig site of Malakopi on December 14th. An 18x18 hole was started to go straight down to bedrock. Beginning on December 16th, the construction of the Citadel began around the hole. Initially a tower, the Citadel transformed into a cruciform-styled building. On December 17th, Malakopi was officially given the title of town. Ot became a member of Byzantium and officially a vassal of Cilicia the following day.


  • Anthem of Malakopi, Iron Fields
  • Both the Armenian Crusader Church and Eastern Orthodoxy are the official religions of Malakopi however freedom of religion is permitted for all Christian faiths