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An infant nation, formed the day of this articles creation. Formed by the townsfolk of Singapore and its Leader PaFilin, the nation intends to expand it's sphere of influence. 


For Pre-Nation history see Singapore

Forming of A Nation 


Upon the creation of the Nation, Kuala Lumpur was founded. Led by Laxcrosse and Dwa2Seven it is currently being constructed.


The government is still in the process of being established. 


As a rising nation Malaysia does not have a dedicated millitary, members of the towns have been known to contribute to skirmishes if need be, but diplomacy is the first stage of negotiations.


Notable People

  • PaFilin (Former Leader of Malaysia)
  • Domovyk (Former Councilor of Singapore)
  • SamCookie(Outlaw...see Singapore page for details)

National Subdivisions

Currently undecided. 

Other Recommended Headings

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  • Political Affiliation
    • None yet
  • Political Parties
    • None yet
  • Politics
    • None yet
  • Economics
    • Mining is main source of income
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