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Flag of Malaysia.svg.png
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms of Malaysia.svg.png
National Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny Malaysia
Motto "Unity Is Strength"
Population 5
Chunks 61
/n list page
Capital City Ipoh
Largest City Johor Bahru
Oldest City
Established October 25th, 2020
Government Information
Leader ENLSFace.png King ENLS
Chancellors CrAface.png _CrA6914

DalaliusHead.png Dalalius

Prime Minister
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language English

Mandarin Chinese

Official Religion
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals

Malaysia (Mandarin: 马来西亚) is a nation on Mainland Southeast Asia. The nation is found exclusively in the geographical area of Malaya, at the edge of the landmass of continental Asia. The capital of Malaysia is Ipoh, which is founded along the Straits of Malacca.


Malaysia was founded on October 25th, 2020, by the first King of Malaysia, ENLS. The capital city of Malaysia is Ipoh, Northwest of Kuala Lumpur (Indochina). The largest city of the Kingdom is Johor Bahru, North of Singapore City (Singapore) and Southeast of Kuala Lumpur (Indochina).

National Emblems and Symbols

Malaysian Flag

Crescent Moon: The crescent moon is representative of the region in which the nation of Malaysia resides in, Malaya, where it is dominated by Islamic culture.

Coat of Arms

Malaysian Tiger: The Malaysian Tiger is a native feline animal found in the wilderness of Malaysia.

Historical Events of Malaysia

The Creation of a Sovereign Malaysia

Being increasingly tired of the constant, looming threats on the horizon in the nation of Sweden, the former King of the Swedes, ENLS, decided to create a nation far from the tiresome politics which is Europe. The birth of the idea was after a voice call on the previous Swedish discord (now defunct). After a short discussion with _CrA6914, both players had decided to create the nation of Malaysia, in a rather sparse and uninhabited area of Malaysia. To have sufficient gold to create Malaysia, ENLS had decided to sell Sweden to the Germans at a cost of 3000G.

Before the nation was sold, both players had asked Dalalius whether he wanted to join in the action (all 3 had previously joked about creating a new nation in Iceland if a reset were to happen), and he promptly agreed. All three players were unmotivated to play while in Sweden due to the hopeless state of recovery of Sweden, and thought that a fresh start was what they need, leading to the creation of the sovereign nation of Malaysia.

The Tense Conflict with the Indochinese

As the nation of Malaysia was located in the previous claims of Indochina, this has resulted in a strain in relations even before relations were established. As the nation of Vietnam was created recently, Indochina felt that their influence over the region was threatened, declaring both nations 'rebellion states' funded by other parties, leading to declarations of war on these newly created nations, which includes Malaysia.

Malaysia was indifferent to the declaration of war as there was no ill will in creating Malaysia in Malaya, as immediately after Malaysia was created, it had sought to establish diplomatic ties with its immediate neighbours, and would not have expected hostile intentions by the Indochinese Government.

The war is currently still ongoing, and though Malaysia have repeatedly shown disinterest in it, the Malaysians are for the most part, forced into conflict by the hostile Indochinese, especially by a specific group of Indochinese. However, lukewarm to heated exchanges have been made between both nations in regards to verbal diplomacy with the aggressor nation.

Foreign Relations and Policy

Foreign Policy

Malaysia is committed to engage in peaceful coexistence with other, and particularly, its neighbours in Southeast Asia. However, it is also committed to engaging and contributing to alliances it is in.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Relations with member states of ASEAN are very warm, with many diplomatic missions sent with encouraging signs of peace and prosperity, as well as a mutual respect for the sovereignty of the other states in the economic alliance, and a common vision of economic growth for all.

Union of Atlantic States (UAS)

Malaysia was officially inaugurated into the alliance a day after its creation. However, due to the physical distance between the states of the UAS and Malaysia, there has been very little communication of late. However, relations are considerably well and positive with most of the members in the alliance.


As Indochina feels that Malaysia is a rebel state and refuses to recognise Malaysian sovereignty, there was no positive relations established to begin with and shortly after its creation, Indochina had voted to wage war against a new Malaysia and Vietnam. As such, diplomatic relations are very sour between the two mostly due to Indochinese aggression towards Malaysia, who had no ill will.

System of Governance


The Constitution of the Kingdom of Malaysia is the supreme law of the land. Any bills passed by the government and king must not contradict the principles of the constitution and the foundations set by the constitution.


The Kingship is passed down by being anointed by the previous, former king, before his abdication. The King is the supreme ruler of the Kingdom, and can introduce policies mostly without much intervention, provided it is done for the good of the nation. The King participates in government decisions and debate, and can veto decisions made by the collective government. The King is able to appoint the ministers, through direct intervention or after calling for a public vote.

Prime Minister

As there are insufficient members, the role of Prime Minister has yet to be discussed, including its internal and external responsibilities. However, the selection of Prime Minister is through a regular public election, where the mayor representing the wishes of the majority of its residents of Malaysia is able to vote to elect a selected citizen into office.


The ministries of the Kingdom of Malaysia handles the administrative work of its namesake. The system of ministries governed by ministers was introduced immediately after it was created, basing it off the former governance of the Kingdom of Sweden under the rule of ENLS. There is in total, 6 ministries and hence 6 ministers in total under the ruling King.

  1. Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI)
  2. Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  3. Ministry of Justice (MOJ)
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  5. Ministry of Finance and Economy (MOFE)
  6. Ministry of Culture (MOC)


To be added in the near future.


Markets and Exports

To be added in the near future.


To be added in the near future.

Current Towns

Information on Malaysian Towns
Town in Malaysia State Coordinates Size / Chunks Current Mayor Date of Inauguration City Status
Ipoh Perak (18424, -1008) 21 ENLS 25th of October 2020 Capital City (of the Kingdom of Malaysia)
Johor Bahru Johor (18784, -536) 22 _CrA6914 25th of October 2020 Division Capital (of Johor, Malaysia)
Kuantan Pahang (18872, -800) 18 Dalalius 30th of October 2020 Division Capital (of Pahang, Malaysia)


Association with the Northern Five

Although Malaysia have consistently denied preposterous claims of being funded by the 'Northern Five Alliance', there are some that have doubts regarding the official statements, especially the British and Indochinese Government; seen as they consider the First Indochinese War a subcategory of the greater 'War on the Northern Five'.