The nation of Mali was one of the first nations originally created in Africa. The capital of El_Alamein is near the source of the Niger River, in the plains south of the Sahel. The nation was founded and led by Evanator2016 along with his fellow town citizen Zman240603 in late 2018. Mali is the only nation West Africa, controlling most of the region. Mali is also known for being a founding member of the African Union.


Early History

Mali was founded by Evanator2016 in his town of El_Alamein after gaining enough gold, it quickly unified the Western reaches of Africa within it's range, all excluding Dakar, which departed from an allianceship.

Golden Age

The nation was reasonably active during it's Golden Age and built the Malian Canals, linking El_Alamein and Bissau to the Korban Canal that stretches from Lagos to Tunisia.

A was road built between Dakar and El_Alamein towards the end of Mali's reign, and the golden age eventually came to an end when the nation fell relatively inactive.

Sleeping Mali

With the inactivity of the leaders of El_Alamein all of Mali fell inactive. They lost full control over the region to small new towns and due to their inactivity left out of the major infrastructure project of the region, the Dakar-Sahel Railway. There was an internal debate and Zyphlox of Monrovia tried to gain power due to the inactivity, but was denied. Then on January 8th Mali awoke.

Mali Reawaking

Zman240603 gained power from Evanator2016 in the capital, thereby becoming leader of Mali too. Mali also expanded, inviting Dakar to join. Dakar became Mali's most active town but Mali remained relatively inactive. It also started losing towns due to inactivity and started shrinking. However, Dakar started inviting other towns, like Noland and Timbuktu, and Mali started to grow again, but it was not meant to be.

Mali Asleep, Again...

The most active town, and only active with Chancellor perms, left Mali for Mauritania. It also brought with it most of the towns that were invited during its brief resurgence, weakening Mali and reducing it to an inactive state again.

Mali's Collapse

Mali was left with only Noland, a town added by Dakar, Bissau, and El_Alamein, and all were reasonably inactive. Bissau fell early March, and Mali lost control of the coast of West Africa as new towns moved in. Then finally March 11th brought with it the collapse of El_Alamein for inactivity and Mali was moved to Noland, the sole remaining town.

Final Descent

On April 17, 2019 the now-rump state of Mali collapsed at Noland. Bringing with it and end to the former only power in West Africa.


Zman240603 is the leader but Evanator2016 has chancellor. It appears to be a strict authoritarian dictatorship lacking any form of democracy.


Practically non-existent presently.

Notable People

No one

List of Former Malian Towns









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