1. REDIRECT Template:Town InfoMalvinas is a village located in the Falkland Islands, which belongs to Argentina.

About the town

Malvinas was founded by the user Mr_RockyRoll around 2018 Christmas Day.

On December 27, the nation La Plata, after trying to invite Malvinas several times to the nation, could finally invite the town to join them.

By the start of 2019, the town is getting more population.

Currently, the town counts with paved streets, a government house, a church, a port and an apartment building.

The only way to reach the town is by boat or by nether portals.

Territorial conflicts

Currently, the town is fighting the western island which is occupied by british users since late March 2019.

Screenshot 396

The goverment house.

Screenshot 398

The church.

Screenshot 404

An apartment building.

Screenshot 403

The port.

Screenshot 400

Animal husbandry.

Screenshot 401

A farm.

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