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Mayor Nikocholas
Councillors dies_Saturni, DontUwU
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Official Language Flagspain.png Spanish
Official Religion Galletism
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Past Mayors Mr_RockyRoll
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Malvinas is a province of Argentina located on the Falkland Islands. It's one of two towns owned by La Plata located on an island.


First Malvinas (Late 2018 - Late 2019)

With the objective of having control over the Falklands as in real life, on December 22nd, Argentina established a little town and port on the right island whose leader was Mr_RockyRoll, nowadays king of Argentina.

This first Malvinas had some buildings made of brick and stone for citizens, a farm with various animals, a port for the arrival of boats (mostly from America) and a subway station (still used today) which connects the right island (owned by Patagonia nowadays) with Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital.

Occupation of Malvinas (Early 2020)

In January 2020, Glacier Spartan and Patagonia founded their towns on the islands, just after the first Malvinas town was disbanded.

Later on, after a few months passed, Joel02 rejoined EarthMC, and eventually, in early June 2020, Joel02 came back to the island to establish (definitely) a town called FalklandRepublic willing to convert it into a nation. For that, he joined (but then left) Patagonia nation and allied with the nordic kingdom of Svalbard which would fundraise the project planned by the English user.

Second Malvinas (June 2020 - present)

On the night of June 30, 2020. Nikocholas (iiNicoARG), former governor of La Pampa town and former security minister of Argentina, came back to the server after 150 days of inactivity. His aim was to reconquer the Falklands' Freeland being this one of the many tasks part of a plan to expand La Plata's territory.

The city

Currently, the city is divided in three districts:

Malvinas Oeste [capital] (Residential area)

  • Governor: Nikocholas
  • Population: 4
  • Chunks: 26
  • Founded: June 30, 2020

Places of interest:

  • Subway station
  • Hotel "Malvinense" [3 floors, 14 meter-tall]
  • "Mitre" Fort [4 floors, 27 meter-tall]

Malvinas Central (Commercial area)

  • Governor: RimiruZ
  • Population: 1
  • Chunks: 77
  • Founded: July 8, 2020

Places of interest:

  • Statue to the fighters of Malvinas War [14 meter-tall]
  • Park
  • Santo Domingo church [10 meter-tall]
  • Hall [2 floor, 12 meter-tall]
  • Malvinas Warehouse
  • Police station
  • Malvinas Arena
  • Port

Malvinas Sur (Agricultural area)

  • Governor: DontUwU [only owns the area plots, he isn't a town leader]
  • Population: 1
  • Chunks: 26
  • Founded: July 19, 2020

Places of interest

  • Yacht club and pier
  • Edificio Alcorta [6 floor, 37 meter-tall] (Tallest building)
  • Torre Ejecutiva [25 meter-tall]
  • Lighthouse [50 meter-tall]
  • Park



  • December 22: Malvinas is founded by Mr_RockyRoll, current king of Argentina. The lands occupied by that town are now Patagonia's but their buildings remain.


  • October 18: The first Malvinas is believed to have been disbanded around this date.


  • June 30: Malvinas is re-founded by Nikocholas in order to stop the development of the BritishFalklands town owned by Joel02.
  • July 1: Malvinas claims 17 chunks to the south and to the east of the island.
  • July 2: The flattening of plots begins.
  • July 3: The flattening of plots is half complete, big amounts of materials (wood, stone, stone brick, iron, diamonds) are saved, the work on the subway station begins and the recruitment of citizens begins. The argentinian user NicoGNV arrives at the town to help with the plans.
  • July 4: The flattening of plots is complete, the nether portal is open, the subway station is complete, the roads are partially complete and the plots are totally organized. The town BritishFalklands is declared as enemy after multiple problems.
  • July 5: The roads are complete, the work in the rocky beach is complete and the design of the houses begins.
  • July 6: Malvinas is the scenery of the first battle against BritishFalklands.
  • July 7: The fort "Mitre" (33 meter tall, 3 floors) is built in the frontier of the town to defend it. It will work as a fort in the war times and as a lighthouse in the pacific times.
  • July 8: BritishFalklands is bought and it becomes Central Malvinas.
  • July 9: The "Malvinense" Hotel and two houses are built.
  • July 10: The work on the Central Malvinas lands ends, the Central Malvinas streets are succesfully built, the city council is moved to Central Malvinas and the district's plots are planned.
  • July 11: All streets are named and illuminated with lanterns, the statue of fighters is inaugurated, the first park is inaugurated, the subway station is expanded and remodeled, some houses are remodeled and the work in the port begins.
  • July 12: The church is built, the work in the port is complete and the remodeling on the station is complete.
  • July 13: The work in the police station and the racecourse begins.
  • July 14: The racecourse is open.
  • July 15: The police station is open.
  • July 17: The warehouse is open and the future agricultural area is flattened.
  • July 19: The yacht club and pier are open and Malvinas Sur, the third and southernmost district, is founded.
  • July 20: The ice-road connecting Buenos Aires is complete and the lighthouse in Malvinas Sur is open.
  • July 21: The government house of Malvinas Sur is complete and the Edificio Alcorta (the tallest residential building) is complete.
  • July 22: The city barn is complete.
  • July 23: The public mine is open.
  • July 24: 15 chunks are claimed through all Malvinas Sur and the claiming of the area is 90% complete. Some houses are built in Malvinas Oeste, the tourism office is built in Malvinas Sur and houses are planned in Malvinas Central.
  • July 25: The second route of the subway station (Línea B towards Glacier Empire) is officially open. In the meanwhile, the two next route (C and D) are planned.
  • July 26: The first mansion is built in Malvinas Sur alongside a small beach, two houses are re-built in Malvinas Oeste and the work in the third route of the subway (towards Patagonia) begins.
  • July 27: The second and last skyscraper in Malvinas Sur (called Torre Ejecutiva) is built.
  • July 30: The work in the Route B deviation towards Patagonia is complete.
  • August 2: The work in the Route C towards Chile is complete.
  • August 3: The work in the definitive town hall begins.
  • August 4: The street lamp design is improved, the south Malvinas park is refurbished and trees are cut off to provide a better view of the town.
  • August 5: The definitive government house is inaugurated in Malvinas Central. The old government houses begin the move.
  • August 13: Two horses are moved to Malvinas, the church is demolished and improvements in the current house designs are planned.
  • August 23: The remodeling and extension of the Malvinas Arena is complete and now permits up to 50 spectators.
  • August 27: The only remaining town in the Soledad Island (Falklands) fell into ruins and 25 chunks were claimed inside it. The work of flatenning the terrain and cutting the trees began.
  • August 30: The building of streets in the Soledad Island began.
  • September 4: A bridge was built between both islands.
  • September 6: Malvinas suffered a massive grief and theft by the leader WhyNotGonzz (NicoGNV) for unknown reasons. After negligence by the Chilean king, CR12, Malvinas have partially left the nation.



The port of Malvinas is located in the central district (Malvinas Central). To the day, however, despite the work in it is complete, it's unused.

Screenshot 229.png

There's a second port in the south of the island (at Malvinas Sur) next to the yacht club. However, despite being bigger than the real port, it was defined not as a port but as a wharf for fishing.

Screenshot 230.png
Screenshot 2.png

Subway station


There's a three-floor and four-chunk subway station located in the center of Malvinas Oeste.

It's currently owned by the Malvinas Subway Network [MSN] and it counts with three routes:

  • Línea A: Towards Buenos Aires to the north. Open
  • Línea B: Towards Glacier Empire, to the south (with deviation to Patagonia). Open
  • Línea C: Towards Chile. Open.

Nether network



Panoramic view of Malvinas in July 22, 2020 from the lighthouse.

Panorama of Malvinas_Oeste. July 9, 2020

Subway station of Malvinas_Oeste. July 9, 2020

City council of Malvinas_Oeste. July 9, 2020

Mitre Lighthouse. July 9, 2020

Malvinense Hotel. July 9, 2020