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The March 2021 elections in KAPSK were the third elections for Prime Minister. Voting started on March 9th at 14:00 CET. They are the second ever elections which don't have an incumbent Prime Minister during voting, hence MisterRobTob, who was the previous Prime Minister had to resign, because he was appointed Supreme Chancellor by DiamantAxt9494.


After the February 2021 KAPSK elections three new towns joined the nation and many new citizens came. With more citizens, more opinions came. This led to new parties being created and new candidates running for Prime Minister. On 9th March 2021 the Supreme Chancellor Spitzhacke10000 resigned.



On March 10th Diamant suspected the Republican Party to have rigged the vote, because the votes found and the amount of people voted did not add up. As a result Diamant delayed the announcement of the Election Results to 13th March. SirEnderboy from the Republican party had voted for his other resident from his town. After SirEnderboy proved, that he had the consent of the other resident Diamant allowed it.


Office Name Running since Left running
Prime Minister Bärbel.png MisterRobTob (Incumbent[3]) 1st March 2021 9th March 2021
Prime Minister FKHH.png FKHH73 1st March 2021 13th March 2021

(Lost election)

Prime Minister Yankees88888g.png Yankees88888g


2nd March 2021 13th March 2021

(Won election)

Prime Minister SirEnderboy 1nd March 2021 13th March 2021

(Lost election)


Only SirEnderboy from the Republican Party has done a real campaign. In this campaign, he promises the KAPSK people freedom, money and equality. Yankees88888g from the Worker's Party announced that he would make a campaign, however he never did.


Yankees88888g was elected Prime Minister with a majority of 5 to 4 (SirEnderBoy) to 2 (FKHH73).


  • March 1st: Campaigning has begun. People can sign up as candidates for Prime Minister.
  • March 9th: Spitzhacke10000 resigns as Supreme Chancellor and MisterRobTob is appointed for this office, making him leave running for PM.
  • March 9th: Voting begins
  • March 10th: Election extended to March 13th
  • March 13th: Voting ends, Results are announced


As a result of the election, KAPSK joined Caesarea. This however was not supported by many people and DiamantAxt9494 arranged a Reichstag-Vote deciding if the nation would leave or stay in Caesarea. They would later leave Caesarea on the 24th March 2021. Later SirEnderboy would leave and join Caesarea.


  1. General Secretary
  2. Supreme Chancellor
  3. 3.0 3.1 After Spitzhacke10000 resigned as Chancellor on March 9th 2021, MisterRobTob was appointed Chancellor, so he had to resign as Prime Minister