Marco_Jenkins is a player that joined the Terra Nova server on November 1, 2018.


  • Greenland Chancellor / Councillor
  • Owner of Nobel Library Co.
  • First Brazilian Emperor, Fereis, Junkins, 1/2 Chilean-Brazilian
  • Writer, Journalist
  • Merchant
  • Gentleman
  • Lawful Good

History / Early History

November / December, 2018

Marco_Jenkins was one of the first players to join the server in November First (Tyrone feelings), appeared in Eastern North America, waiting for Carlos_Eduardo invite him to São_Paulo.

Marco_Jenkins had offered to be the Emperor, being a "Neutral Player" in Parliament.

The Brazilians had a great "Gold Rush" in the course of five days to gather the value of 512 gold and create the nation.

Actually, Marco_Jenkins is no longer the Emperor of Brazil but keeps many friends in the South America Territory.

Before quitting Integralist Brazil, Marco was a Service Minister and an Army Officer & Builder.

Laplata Friends

(Left to Right) SoyGalletita, Marco_Jenkins & Heinz88 reunited in Buenos Aires.

January / February, 2019

After talking with Heinz88, Marco left Brazil and sailed to Pergamon in Byzantium Empire. Worked with Carlos_Eduardo for 1 month, developing the city and working with sales around the world in Flash Trading Company (sold for Sr_Marcola).


Marco & Gab, they returned to speak recently. (Thx Eduardo )

In this period, Marco participated in some conflicts around the world, including in Brazil, as a Journalist and defending a bridge with some lads from New Zealand and Europe.

Also, Marco had a relapse in the server, no desire to play for 3 weeks, until Gab reappear, one of the few friends (and girl) of Marco.

Pergamon Scam

When Marco returned, Eduardo sold Pergamon and moved to Chile (ja ja) after a scammer tried to take Pergamon, the Staff server helped, minutes later.

March / April, 2019

Screenshot 101

Marco_Jenkins talking with Carlos_Eduardo in Nobel Building.

Marco returned once again to the server, this time in Greenland, living in Nuuk with Carlos_Eduardo .

He is a Journalist of Greenland and Owner of Nobel Library Co. trying to advertise around the server with some great works & custom books/artworks, also working as a big bank of registers of the server, having registers since the first day of the server.


São Paulo (Early Terra Nova, first days)

Belo Horizonte (Emperor city, that supports +1.000 radius block for the nation)

Pergamon (After quitting Brazil)

Valparaíso (5 days living in Chile)

Nuuk (currently city)


Zorn Dorelli Marco

(Left to Right) MareshallZorn, Carlos_Eduardo & Marco_Jenkins, some of the oldest friends.













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