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Maritime East Coast Alliance (M.E.C.A for short) is a trade alliance based in the Northern/Maritime East Coast regions in North America. The alliance currently consists of nine member nations, those being Avalon, Svalbard, Labrador, Bermuda, Woodland Cree, North_America, North_Ontario, Québec and Acadia (not to be confused with the old acadia), but trade commences between many more.

M.E.C.A. was presumably created on February 12th, 2020, originally known as N.A.E.C.A., and then the Maritime Alliance, when the towns of Saint_John, New_Scotland, USN (now known as Elysium, fallen into ruins), Halifax (when it was owned by ketchupdrinker), and New_Stavenger (has fallen into ruins), came together to form a connection and become a stronger region.

On August 19th, 2021, the nation of Québec joined M.E.C.A., increasing the alliance's strength

the Maritime East Coast Alliance upon its founding (circa April 29, 2020)