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MattyG2012 is an active player of EarthMC. He owns the nation of Avalon, and the town of Dildo. He replaced the previous ruler, Riley_McDonut on September 27th, 2020.

Profile Information
Aliases MattyG2012, Matty, PoopLord Matty
Nation Avalonn.png Avalon
Town Avalonn.png Dildo
Towny Rank Mayor
Political Party National Pissist Party
Religion Dildosdildologo.png Pissism
Discord matbo#4630
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn May 8th, 2019
Place of Spawn Africa (Near Senegal)
Physical Information
Nationality American
Gender Male.png Male
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Nation Owner
Date of Ban
Nation History

Part of a series on
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Mattyg2012.png MattyG2012
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Inuvik crusades.png The Inuvik Crusades
FrancePP1.png The Pissist Restoration of France
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Towns & Nations
Acadia Flag Expanded.png Acadia
Avalonn.png Avalon
Flag of labrador.png Labrador
Avalonn.png Dildo
Domino's Official Flag.png Domino
Greater Québec
Maritime east coast alliance flag.png M.E.C.A
255px-Flag of Nova Scotia.svg.png Nova Scotia
Peepeeisland.jpg Pee Pee Island
Slave flag.jpg Slave

Brief History

Beginnings (May 8th, 2019 - June 20th, 2019)

On May 8th, 2019, MattyG2012 spawned in Africa near Dakar, Senegal. He immediately made his way to pee_pee_island in Newfoundland, Canada to join the town. On that same day, he was able to join the town thanks to Dabs_All_OvarYT allowing him to. He immediately began work on the town creating his own abode and expanding the land of pee_pee_island. Matty had some part in the creation of Avalon since he was arguably the most active player during this time. He was one of the originals to help protest the movement of the capital to Dildo. Along with this, Matty also helped Riley and Dabs with finishing the creation of Avalon, even providing the name.

Avalon Golden Age (June 20th, 2019 - December 3rd, 2019)

Matty would continue to be great help during the "Avalon Golden Age". Despite not being as populated as later months, this period had the greatest amount of active players in Avalon's history, dubbing it a golden age. During this time Matty would start many projects, including the Avalon Spade, a national monument in Dildo, Bank of Avalon SuperCenter, Avazon Headquarters, and some map art creations. On June 26th, Matty would be the first one to raid the recently fallen town of "Town of Salem". Matty was also one of the first followers of Pissism, alongside with Dabs and Riley. He assisted with identifying the name of the celestial being, the Ballgod, that helped Dabs against the Bactrian Griefers. Matty has also had some incidents on the server. Two such incidents occured when his items were stolen. The first issue, dubbed "The Greenland Crisis", occured in Arsefacey when Matty accidentally died by fall damage and a user, Baptiste1006, stole some of his items. Matty, ThatNerdNxtDoor, and Tobocoolman2000 all went up to Greenland to either slaughter Baptiste, or retrieve his items somehow. Thankfully, they chose the latter and bargained with one of his townmates and were able to get his items retrieved.

Through the month of August, Matty would be hard at work with balancing different projects, though most of them wouldn't be finished for a while. With a pause in construction in the Avalon Spade, Matty continued work on the Bank Of Avalon SuperCenter, which would go up to max height (before 1.17). However, August was a very uneventful month for Avalon and Matty, however, this would not be the case for September.

Firstly, Avalon was assimilated into the First Canadian Union. This spread the news of Avalon and it's members, including MattyG2012. Secondly, the once great nation rival to Avalon, Newfoundland, was close to loosing it's capital city.