Before Terra Nova

before coming to Terra Nova, maxbackpack was just chillin' in school. then one of maxbackpack's friends (Sulake) told him about a fun community with an awesome concept called "earthmc".


after joining later that day, maxbackpack got funded by Sulake to found a city in New Zealand. his original plan was to found Wellington, but his friends told him that it would be more fun to settle on an island.

and so Stewart Island was born.

then he began flattening the island completely, covering it with stone over the next 4 months, all while listening to Critical Role (at episode 11 "Zemnian Knights").

after making the island completely flat, maxbackpack made a big ugly warehouse for effeciency, this will be removed when he has learnt to build well.

he has also begun to claim territory on the mainland, an act prompted by his friend (Findus) wanting actual terrain to build on, instead of the flat island.

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