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Town Information
Full Name
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Established June 18, 2020
Nation FLBrazil.png Brazil
Population 100
Chunks 940
Coordinates -9504, 1840
Continent South America
Government Information
Mayor Olivio90
Political System
Economic System
Official Language English, Portuguese
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations Imperial Brazil, Xingu
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Mehinaku is the capital of Brazil.


Mehinaku comes from the name of the indigenous tribe which inhabits the area IRL. The name of the ruined town Mehinaku is built on was Nueva Espana, which means New Spain.


Old Brazil Era

The Amazon Rainforest, had, for most of its history, been un-touched by development and infrastructure, and this was a very good thing for the military-town of Nueva Espana (not to be confused with Nueva España), which found the Amazon Rainforest to be a good natural barrier. It was founded during the early days of the Second Brazilian Civil War and was a part of Imperial Brazil. The town was inhabited by French people and a there is only record of one battle occurred in its area during the entire Second Brazilian Civil War. Eventually it fell, though its ruins remained un-damaged due to the protective barrier of the Amazon Rainforest.

One of the earliest pictures of Mehinaku

New Brazil Era

After having bad experiences with the server, Olivio90 came back and traveled to Brazil, where he built a new town around the ruins of Nueva Espana. The positioning in the centre of South America and the ancient protection offered by the Amazon Rainforest proved to make his town popular, and so, it grew rapidly.

An image of Mehinaku from Early October

In August, 2020, Mehinaku became the capital of its own nation, Xingu, then in October, the same year, it became the capital of Brazil.

Mehinaku saw massive growth when on the 16th of December, xFiji founded the Nation of Mercosur directly south of Mehinaku. Infamous DeadlyFox2003 claimed he had asked Nubia for help in the war against South_America, and by his account, they had sent xFiji over to quell tensions peacefully. This made no sense, and was quickly determined to be one of DeadlyFox’s lies. Most believed that Johnnydeputy, the leader of South_America, had created Mercosur to annoy Brazil. In the worry, Mehinaku claimed all 940 chunks they could and completed their planned shape far ahead of schedule. Mercosur changed its name to Goiania and xFiji sold his nation with the intent of moving back home to Nubia. No threat ever came from Goiania.


Mehinaku has many Architectural wonders.

Mehinaku’s Parliament building, which was once the Capitol of Xingu, but is now the Capitol of Brazil and an esteemed meeting-place

Mehinaku’s popular Asian district

Notable People