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Melbourne is a former city of Australia. It fell in ruin some time ago, but the exact date unknown.


Nation: Australia (To be formed)

Mayor: Coffeetom


The Founding

The Journey[1]

Coffeetom joined TerraNova on the 28th of October, 2018. He imediately joined the town of "Mount_Magnet" (Now disbanded) as it was the only town in Australia and was the cloeset town to Melbourne. He then walked to the coast, and hopped in a boat to have a look at Perth. When he arrived he was disapointed as it was extrememly ugly. He then continued on his boat trip to Melbourne.


Once he arived in Melbourne he placed down a chest and a crafting table, and went straight into the mines. He started a Y level 22, then 21, 2, 7 and finally 14. At level 14 after 3 hours he found 31 gold. After begging for the last gold, Keennoo donated it, and Melbourne was founded


The First Hut

The First Hut was created by Coffeetom we he reached about 16 gold ingots. It is a small woodern and Cobble building with basic supplies. It is in the original chunk of Melbourne. It is planned to become a town hall and a place of meeting for the citizens.

Notable People

  • Coffeetom (The mayor of Melbourne, mined 31 of the gold to create it)
  • Magenent (Had the now fallen town of Mount_Magnet which Coffeetom joined to teleport to Australia)

City Subdivisions

The Planned Districts go as follows:

City Center

The Area around the Port and the "First Hut". Will be home to the Town Hall, Market Area and Government House.


The area to the west of the City Center, will be home to farming and rural style housing


The area east of thr City Center, will be home to most residential housing and town facilities


The town is planned to join and found the nation of Australia, which will be lead by Coffeetom in a Constitutional Monarchy. The towns will be around the South East area of Australia.