The first example of melonism, happened at the town of Chota in Bolivia-Peru, where a group of 5 people (Mayor Prlckly, Chancellor CassowaryLord, Chancellor MyNameIsDrDoof, and 2 other builder ranked users.) with a large melon farm began to construct a obsidian altar with a single melon block on it with a sign above it that just read melun (an ancient sign originating back around 7 months) of which they worshipped, after this, the group changed there town name to Melun, which today, is the capital of the nation Inca

Melonism around the world, April 2020

Gods and Practices 

Practices of melonism include: 

  • Building structures out of Melons 
  • Eating them, empowering you and connecting you to your great gods.

Region exclusive practices 

In Rhiner - Melonism, - they throw melon slices as a sacrifice.

In Incan - Melonism, they crown a king of their nation in a ritual talked about below.

In Canadian - Melonism, they focus heavily on producing as many melons as possible.

Origins of local forms of Melonism 


This form of Melonism is only followed by the nation Rhineland, in Germany, It originated in the small town of Munchen. The owner loved Munchen melons and formed a religion. The town was in a union with Frankfurt and so when Munchen fell, Frankfurt converted to Melonism and spread it across the border to Bonne. All Melonist churches were torn down illegally once the town was seized by the Germans.


This form of Melonism is followed by the nations of Inca (founder) , Micronesia, Para, and Peru-Viceroyalty, In South America, especially Peru. Incan-Melonism was born in the medium sized town of Chota (later Melun.), which is home to the oldest known case of Melonism, it was founded after the 3 main people of Melun built a large melon farm and, around 1 month later, the farm got larger and a small obsidian altar was built to worship melons, which marks when the name was changed to Melun and the first documented version of Melonism came to be. ( it's not lost to time. it be right here, so stop editing it to say otherwise.)


This form of melonism is followed by the nations of Quebec (founder), Avalon, Baffin, and New_York, practiced near northern North America. Canadian-Melonism is probably equally as practiced as Incan Melonism, despite the region having more people, the primary reason why this is not overclassed by the South Americans is because it came after Rhiner-Melonism, and Rhiner-Melonism came after Incan-Melonism, although it began spreading quickly, the Canadians began regularly visiting Melun, and developing their own version of Melonism at a much faster rate than the South Americans have ever gotten to. Also, in the Canadian region is Avalon, which attempts to have a cold hard grip on its religion, Pississm, but still melonism shined through, as multiple Avalonians have said they are melonist, and the biggest building made of melons ever, the "Melon spire" was built in Avalon, a 16x16 200 block tall huge accomplishment, it was built mainly by BananaSlamma24, but had assistance from Prlckly, it was never claimed, although finished after 9 days of working, it was greifed, presumably by Pississt extremists.

Melonism related buildings

Melun altar - Melun, Boliva - The place where Melun got it's new name, Melonism was first created, that still stands 8 months later, melun altar is an obsidian abstract building with a single melon in the middle of it (the king of melon,) current melon king is barry the melon, who's info can be found on the Melun page. It also contains a sign with the word Melun over it, which, Prlckly found so funny that he changed the town's name to that. Beginning Melonism.

Melon Church - Melun, Inca - Melon Church is the 2nd worship site for Melonism in the town of melun. A very modern work compared to the altar, which was built in July, this building was a small church built in February 11th. It has no significance currently because, as of right now, this piece of the article was written only a day after it was built. It was built with white concrete, stone variations, and spruce variations.

Mini Melon altar - Palau, Philippines - as Palau is a colony of Melun, to keep traditions alive, CassowaryLord, GabeSucksAtPVP, and MyNameIsDrDoof created a small version of the melon altar and built a melon farm.

Quebec Melon Church (I have not seen this, so any canadians could fill out any good locations.)

Melon Cube and Melon House are other structures in Melun made OF Melons.

Melonism related events

The ritual for the crowning of the king of Melun (and the history of those 3 past kings.)

The ritual procedures are the following: Make a glistening melon a gold infused even more holy and respected version of the melon slice, to make splash potions of healing, then, place the new Melon on the melon altar under the Melun sign to grant a new king. The reason why there have been 3 kings is becaus ehte great holy melon has been destroyed 2 times by random users, it is purposefully a public area for worshipping, if the culprit of the destruction of the king is caught, he will be kicked immediately.

History of Melon kings

This part was very Melun-centric and lengthy, so it has been moved to the article of Melun

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