This is the capital of the Inca.

Melun's History

  • Before founding May 03 - May 12

Before Melun was founded, EggManCBT and Prlckly wanted to build a town in real-life Guatemala, we were about to found the town when 2 unknown users attacked EggManCBT who was about to create the town, the 2 of them had already finished the town hall, and were going to claim it, but it was destroyed, both of them ended up having a heated argument, and Prlckly left to a safer place, they settled in Venezuela for a short amount of time, but they were also attacked, EggManCBT ultimately decided to take a short break from the server, and Prlckly settled in a place in the mountains of Peru, built a town hall, and the day after that, got visited by the leader of Bolivia-Peru to join their nation. Around 5 hours later, the town of "Chota" (original name before we obtained m e l o n) on May 12th, 2019.

After Founding

  • Building begins and relations with neighbors develop May 12 - June 20

A very active period of Melun's history, home to 3 of some of South America's most active players, CassowaryLord, Prlckly, and EGGManCBT all built some of Melun's first buildings, most of the relation building was just relations with local towns in the Inca Empire, but some of the relations were being built elsewhere, no important conflicts, eras, battles, or anything along the line happened here other than the mass building of the town.

  • First inactive Period June 20 - July 15

Took a little break, EggManCBTf stopped playing and Prlckly and CassowarLord only got online once every 4 or so days, started the mining in this period, which later became the biggest mine in South America, and, as Prlckly continued to play every so often, CassowaryLord slowly stopped playing as much. Which invited Prlckly to stop playing at all for a bit.

  • Overwork, Overbuild, Overinvite, BURNOUT

Prlckly was mostly the only player playing, he grinded gold for chunks, beacons, and built many houses for the ~10 members of the town at the time. CassowarLord occasionally played and the semi-active player ShadowWolfYT logged on around 6 times on the town and helped build, but quit unexpectedly shortly after he began playing.

  • Colonization of Palau August 30 - September 20

Mining for gold mostly during this era, GabeSucksAtPVP began playing and EggManCBT and CassowaryLord, the previously active players, began playing again, this time founding a colony of Palau. Which became a 9 chunk town with 5 players at it's peak. In the real life country of Palau, a small island nation in Oceania. They built a 3 story town hall, a tree farm, a Melon farm (respecting heritage,) and a WIP shop and blacksmith.

  • Mining Away September 20 - October 31

Prlckly, now alone, mined almost everyday for a long period of time to become a nation, in this process he also sold valuable items for money like beacons, blocks, large amounts of melons, potions, and ores to get the 1064 gold needed to become a nation. He also claimed around 7 chunks to build the town to 45 chunks which is the size it stayed like for awhile.

  • Nationhood - October 31 - November 31

I became active the second I founded a nation, I built relations with neighbors, spammed invites for my town, but unfortunately couldn't find someone to found a town in my nation. I was very active and built a lot of land for later building after the 2nd inactive period. I also began killing people for fun and ended up with 16 kills on players to my name, I joined many South-american based alliances in the process.

  • 2nd inactive period December 1 - Jan 26

I was very inactive for awhile, only ever playing to make sure the town didn't fall. I started playing Hypixel to take my mind off of it, knowing that when I get bored of Hypixel, EarthMC will open itself up again (similarly to the 1st inactive period.) I played bed wars for the first week, Skyblock for a month, and then the pit for another few weeks. I played just as much of Minecraft as I did when I was active on EarthMC, so, as I expected, around January 26th, I got tired of Hypixel, hopped on EarthMC, and wrote this article to mark me coming back to the community.

  • Town Revival

In this period I mostly built for the town, thinking that, it being a capital, should be a great-looking town. I began playing again, invited new players, and built these new things in the month of playing again:

  1. Melon Church
  2. 5x15x15 hollow melon cube just for fun
  3. Support beams for the artificial land from below the mountain
  4. Roof for long-unfinished oak log house
  5. House made of Melon Blocks, glass, and torches ONLY
  6. 3 more floors to the (as of Feb 27th, 9 story 12x8 melon farm

I also demolished bad-looking buildings and expanded the Melon graveyard.

  • Rapid Expansion

Over the course of the next 4 months, melun will stay the capital of Inca, and will go on to (at current peak) Quadruple the residents and triple the chunks. (45-121) Here are the many buildings to be made during this time

  1. 2 more floors to the now 11 story melon farm
  2. 2 houses built as embassies by Ayr_ and 32Fernhawk.
  3. 6 1 chunk houses for residents
  4. 9 chunk melon step temple
  5. 2 chunk incan memorial
  6. 2 chunk office building for now dead company (will be used for something else in future)
  7. Ice road station for ice roads to Para

The history of the Melon kings

The ritual of crowning a melon king can be found detailed in the article Melonism, in a shortened version, Melonism is the religion of melons, which some nations follow, one of the practices we do in Melonism. Where we put the melon king on his spot in the melon altar. The most sacred place for Melonism.

Unnamed - July 10th - ~September this Melon was the first melon on the altar, it had no name, simply just called the holy melon. The destroyer of this Melon block remains unknown to this day. But is not in Melun, as no one from Meluns this time is still on the server except CassowaryLord and Prlckly, who did not, and would not destroy the melon.

Mark the Melon - September - November 3. Mark was the most important melon in Melun's history, being alive to see the moment when Melun peaked in population at 29 people on November 2nd. He was also alive the entire 1 1/2 month duration wherein Prlckly mined for gold to become a nation for around 45 hours overall. The destroyer was a frenchfag who must not be named who was attention grabbing and spammed water and lava buckets everywhere in attempt to grief Melun, in this minor event the player was both banned from the server and kicked from the town. Melun suffered no losses, and because fire did not spread, it was an easy fix. The true loss was the destruction of Mark. who had been summoned by the first of 2 rituals ever performed in Melun, by CassowaryLord, EggManCBT, and Prlckly. coincidentally, this was just a day after the founding of Inca.

Barry the Melon - November 4th - Present. Barry was named barry because, before a ritual performed by Prlckly to crown a new king, Prlckly asked everyone what the new king of the nation's name should be, and the first person to type a name in would be it's name. A few people said names, but the first name was from the leader of Belarus, who said to name the new Melon king Barry. Barry has been alive to see the decline of melon after an inactive period from Prlckly from around Nov 30 - Jan 26. And the return at Jan 26 - Present.

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