Memphis is a small town in the middle of Egypt. It’s in the nation of Aegyptus. The mayor is 32Basileios, A Byzantine seeking to retake lands taken by Ancient Egypt. The town was placed in a strategic location to prevent further expansion from Osiris. The town is quicl expanding and is planning to reach ~30 citizens in January the 1st.

The towns motto is : “Ancient_Aegyptum delenda est!”


It‘s mostly flat with some small mounds. Most was flattened to make building easier. Some of the highlands were used to build temples.


There isn’t much. Only some houses and a temple in the town center.

It is currently planning to build a church in the new town centre.


Memphis first came into the mind of 32Basileios when he saw that His fellow GRE nation of Aegyptus was having a hard time dealing with Ancient Egypt. So, he set his way to Aegyptus, after reaching Aegyptus, he got funding from Kip, and using the gold he got, he made the town.

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