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Mengan_'s skin
Profile Information
Aliases Megan
Nation Flag-0.png Nubia
Town SunaFlag.JPG Suna
Towny Rank Mayor
Occupation Politician
Political Party SagarParty.png Darya Sagar Party (in Darya)
Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png Cult of Isis
Signature MenganSignature.PNG
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn June 17th 2020
Place of Spawn Green Bay (when it was world spawn)
Physical Information
Gender Female.png Female
Blood Type
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flag-0.png Nubia

Mengan_ (formerly Megoon_ and Meganmoo1119), who joined on the 17th of June 2020, is a Nubian politician who is currently serving as the Minister of Imperial Affairs but is most well-known for her former 3 term role as Nubian Minister of Foreign Affairs and 2 term role as Nubian Minister of Cultural Affairs. She is also the current Mayor of Suna.


Mengan_ joined EMC on June 17th 2020, and was quickly introduced to Gorkymoo1119, he walked up to Mengan_ and asked her wanted to join his town and she said yes, not knowing what she was getting into. She went to Mersa and was given a plot that she made into a nice home, as the days/weeks went by, Mengan_ got more comfortable and closer to people and got introduced to more people in the Nubian community. Later on, she became town staff for Mersa and then created her own town called Suna, it grew pretty rapid due to generous donations and activity. Suna reached 100 players before it was a month old and was very active, its claims grew and the community did as well. After a few months of being in Nubia she was elected as the Minister of Foreign Affairs after running in the elections. Mengan_ has been Nubian minister of Foreign affairs for 2 consecutive terms as well as the current February term. She has been involved with several Nubian rebel nation situations. Being involved in those situations she disputed nation borders, helped define Nubians boarders and created a well formatted response to those rebel nations, she is assertive and firm when communicating with those nations.

Preceded by
Minister of Foreign Affairs
of Nubia⠀⠀⠀

1st September 2020 - 1st January 2021

Succeeded by
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